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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences


The College of Arts and Sciences has a highly diverse and accomplished faculty. The list below includes full-time assistant, associate and full professors, as well as associate and assistant teaching professors. Our Part Time Faculty brings a wide-range of professional experience and expertise to the classroom, giving students the benefit of their workplace insights.

If you you are looking for someone not listed here, please check the SU Directory, the College of Arts and Sciences instructional staff list, the faculty member's or instructor's departmental website, and then fill out our Contact form and select "web". This will generate a ticket in our ASWeb Orange Tracker queue to add them to this list.

Visit the Maxwell faculty website for information on faculty in the following areas: Department of Anthropology; Department of Economics; Department of Geography; Department of History; International Relations Program; Department of Political Science; and the Department of Sociology and Public Affairs.

African American Studies

Joan Bryant Associate Professor
Horace G Campbell Professor
Kishi Animashaun Ducre Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Tanisha M. Jackson Assistant Professor
Jennifer O’Reilly Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
Herbert G. Ruffin II Associate Professor
S. N. Sangmpam Professor
Danielle Taana Smith Professor, African American Studies

Art and Music Histories

Theo Cateforis Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Fine Arts and Music History & Cultures
Sally J. Cornelison Professor and Director, Florence Graduate Program in Italian Renaissance Art
Amanda Eubanks Winkler Professor and Department Chair
Wayne Franits Distinguished Professor
Sarah Fuchs Assistant Professor
Samuel Johnson Carole & Alvin I. Schragis Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor
Matilde Mateo Research Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in History of Architecture
Ruth S. Opara Assistant Professor
Glenn Peers Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Art History
Romita Ray Associate Professor
Sascha Scott Associate Professor and Director of Art History Graduate Studies
Serena Wang Assistant Teaching Professor


Yasir Ahmed-Braimah Assistant Professor
David M. Althoff Associate Professor
Katie M. Becklin Assistant Professor
Melanie Jane Blanden Assistant Teaching Professor
Carlos A. Castañeda Associate Professor
Heather D. Coleman Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair
Jen Cook Assistant Teaching Professor of Neuroscience
Steve Dorus Associate Professor
Samantha England Research Assistant Professor
Scott Erdman Associate Professor
Thomas P. Fondy Professor
Douglas A. Frank Professor
Jason D. Fridley Associate Professor
Austin M. Garner Assistant Professor
Paul Gold Distinguished Professor of Biology
Sarah E. Hall Associate Professor
Heidi Hehnly Associate Professor
James Hewett Associate Professor
Sandra Hewett Beverly Petterson Bishop Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Biology
James Hougland Professor and Biochemistry Director
Frants Havmand Jensen Research Assistant Professor
Robin Jones Associate Teaching Professor of Neuroscience, Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience ILM
Donna L. Korol Associate Professor
Jamie Lamit Visiting Assistant Professor
Katharine (Kate) Lewis Professor and Biology Department Chair
Zhanjiang (John) Liu Professor, Biology
Jessica MacDonald Assistant Professor
Eleanor Maine Professor
Vera McIlvain Associate Teaching Professor
Angela M. Oliverio Assistant Professor
Susan E. Parks Associate Professor
Melissa E. Pepling Professor
Ruth Phillips Assistant Teaching Professor and Biotechnology Program Advisor
Scott Pitnick Weeden Professor of Biology
Ramesh Raina Professor and Interim Vice President for Research
Surabhi Raina Associate Teaching Professor
Mark E. Ritchie Professor
Kari A. Segraves Professor
Robert B. Silver Professor
Roy D. Welch Professor
Michele G. Wheatly Professor and Special Advisor to the Chancellor
Jason R. Wiles Associate Professor


Carlos A. Castañeda Associate Professor
Joseph Chaiken Professor
Arindam (Ari) Chakraborty Associate Professor
John D. Chisholm Professor
Robert Doyle Dean's Professor
John Mark Franck Assistant Professor
Jonathan French Assistant Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Director
Miriam Michelle Gillett-Kunnath Research Assistant Professor
James Hougland Professor and Biochemistry Director
Ivan V. Korendovych Professor and Associate Chair
Timothy Korter Professor
Yan-Yeung Luk Associate Professor
Olga Makhlynets Assistant Professor
Mathew M Maye Professor and Department Chair
Davoud Mozhdehi Assistant Professor
Karin Ruhlandt Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
James T. Spencer Professor
Michael B. Sponsler Professor and Director of Curricular Programs FNSSI
Rachel C. Steinhardt Assistant Professor
Nancy I. Totah Associate Professor
Weiwei Zheng Associate Professor
Jon Zubieta Distinguished Professor

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Jamie Desjardins Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs
Karen A. Doherty Professor
Colleen E. Gargan Gebbie Speech-Language Clinic Director / Associate Teaching Professor
Richard T. Kelly Visiting Assistant Professor No email available.
Kristen Kennedy Assistant Teaching Professor
Tammy Kordas Assistant Teaching Professor
Anita L Lightburn Associate Teaching Professor
Meghan Lister Assistant Teaching Professor
Soren Y. Lowell Professor
Sue Ellen Maxfield Assistant Teaching Professor
Stephanie McMillen Assistant Professor
Joseph T Pellegrino Gebbie Hearing Clinic Director and Teaching Professor
Jonathan L. Preston Associate Professor
Beth A. Prieve Professor
Ellyn Riley Associate Professor
Victoria Tumanova Associate Professor
Kathy R. Vander Werff Professor and Department Chair
Laura Vincent Assistant Teaching Professor
Ramani Voleti Associate Teaching Professor

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Suzanne Baldwin Thonis Family Professor: Thermochronology & Tectonics
Tripti Bhattacharya Thonis Family Professor: Paleoclimate Dynamics. Assistant Professor.
Elizabeth Carter Assistant Professor: Computational Hydrology (joint appointment with CEE)
Melissa Chipman Assistant Professor: Arctic Paleoecology & Paleoclimate
Daniel Curewitz Associate Teaching Professor
Paul Fitzgerald Professor: Thermochronology & Tectonics
Gregory Hoke Jessie Page Heroy Professor and Department Chair: Earth Surface & Tectonics
Linda Ivany Professor and Associate Chair: Evolutionary Paleoecology and Paleoclimate
Christopher Junium Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies: Geobiology, Astrobiology, Paleoclimate, Paleoceanography
Zunli Lu Thonis Family Professor: Low-Temperature Geochemistry and Earth System Evolution
Robert Moucha Associate Professor: Geodynamics
Cathryn R. Newton Professor; Dean Emerita, College of Arts and Sciences; Senior Advisor to Chancellor and Provost for Faculty Engagement : Marine Paleoecology; Modern and Ancient Extinctions
Scott D. Samson Professor: Radiogenic Isotope & Geochronology
Christopher A. Scholz Professor: Paleolimnology and Rift Basin Evolution
Jay Thomas Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies: Petrology and Experimental Geochemistry
Sam Tuttle Assistant Professor: Hydroclimatology, Land Surface Hydrology, Remote Sensing, & Snow Hydrology
Tao Wen Assistant Professor: Hydrogeochemistry, Environmental Data Science, & Noble Gas Geochemistry
Bruce Wilkinson Research Professor


Mona Awad Assistant Professor
Crystal Bartolovich Associate Professor
Dorri Beam Associate Professor
Chanelle Benz Assistant Professor
Dympna Callaghan William Safire Professor of Modern Letters and University Professor
Jonathan Dee Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing Program
Susan Edmunds Professor
Carol W.N. Fadda Associate Professor
Chris Forster Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Ken Frieden B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies and William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities
Mike Goode Associate Professor
Matthew Grzecki Assistant Teaching Professor and Creative Writing Coordinator
Roger Hallas Associate Professor
Chris Hanson Associate Professor
Sarah Harwell Associate Teaching Professor and Associate Director of Creative Writing
Brooks Haxton Professor
Mary Karr Trustee Professor
Christopher Kennedy Professor
Katherine A. Kidd Assistant Teaching Professor and English Studies Coordinator
Coran Klaver Associate Professor and Department Chair
Delali Kumavie Assistant Professor
Erin Mackie Professor
Ethan Madarieta Assistant Professor
Patricia Moody Associate Professor
Patricia Roylance Associate Professor
George Saunders Professor
Will Scheibel Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Stephanie Shirilan Associate Professor
Bruce Smith Professor
Dana Spiotta Associate Professor
Scott Manning Stevens Associate Professor
Harvey Teres Professor
Antonio Tiongson Associate Professor
Silvio Torres-Saillant Dean's Professor

Forensic Science

Jonathan Adelman Research Assistant Professor
Kathleen Corrado FNSSI Executive Director
James Crill Professor of Practice
Ulrich Englich Research Assistant Professor
James Hewett Associate Professor
Michael Marciano Research Assistant Professor and Director for FNSSI Research
Robert B. Silver Professor
James T. Spencer Professor
Michael B. Sponsler Professor and Director of Curricular Programs FNSSI

Humanities Faculty

Gregg Lambert Dean's Professor, Humanities
Scott Manning Stevens Associate Professor
David Yaffe Assistant Professor, Humanities

Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

Tej Bhatia Professor of Linguistics
Amanda Brown Associate Professor
Gail A. Bulman Associate Professor
Jeffrey S. Carnes Associate Professor
Joseph Denn Assistant Teaching Professor
Mona Eikel-Pohen Assistant Teaching Professor
Kathryn A. Everly Professor of Spanish Literature and Culture and Modern Foreign Language Coordinator
Ken Frieden B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies and William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities
Myrna García-Calderón Associate Professor
Stefano Giannini Associate Professor
Christopher Green Associate Professor
Gerald R. Greenberg Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Interim Chair of Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition.
Lin Guo Assistant Teaching Professor
Erika Haber Professor
Rania Habib Associate Professor
Matthew Hammill Assistant Professor
Meichan Huang, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor
Jean Jonassaint Professor
Elizabeth Juarez-Cummings Assistant Teaching Professor
Nicole Karam Assistant Teaching Professor and French Language Coordinator
Youmie J. Kim Assistant Professor
Jaklin Kornfilt Professor
Robert Lally Assistant Teaching Professor
Anne Leone Assistant Professor
Laura Lisnyczyj Assistant Teaching Professor
Ana Mendez-Oliver Assistant Professor
Catherine M. Nock Assistant Teaching Professor
Corrine Occhino Assistant Professor No email available.
Kenji Oda Assistant Teaching Professor
Alicia B. Ríos Associate Professor
Denis Samburskiy Assistant Teaching Professor
Zofia J. Sztechmiler Assistant Teaching Professor
M. Emma Ticio Quesada Associate Professor and Department Chair
Darwin Han-Lin Tsen Assistant Teaching Professor of Chinese; Chinese Coordinator
Matthieu H. van der Meer Assistant Teaching Professor
Karina von Tippelskirch Associate Professor
Tomoko Walter Instructor
Amy S. Wyngaard Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Seungmin Yun Assistant Teaching Professor


Uday Banerjee Professor
Pinyuen Chen Professor
Dan Coman Professor
J. Theodore Cox Professor
Steven Diaz Professor
Nicole Fonger Assistant Professor
Jack Graver Professor
Duane Graysay Assistant Professor
Pawel Grzegrzolka Assistant Teaching Professor and Calculus Coordinator
Tadeusz Iwaniec John Raymond French Professor
Thomas John Assistant Teaching Professor
Lee Kennard Assistant Professor
H. Hyune-Ju Kim Professor
Mark Kleiner Professor
Leonid Kovalev Professor and Associate Chair
Loredana Lanzani Professor
Graham Leuschke Professor and Department Chair
Wei Li Assistant Professor
Jianxuan Liu Assistant Professor
Adam Lutoborski Professor
Joanna Masingila Professor
Moira McDermott Associate Teaching Professor
Jeffrey Meyer Associate Teaching Professor
Claudia Miller Professor
Jani Onninen Professor
Declan Quinn Professor
Hamidreza Rahmati Assistant Teaching Professor
Minghao Rostami Assistant Professor
Lixin Shen Professor
Gregory Verchota Professor
Andrew Vogel Professor
Stephan Wehrli Associate Professor
William Wylie Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Yuan Yuan Associate Professor
Dan Zacharia Professor
Yiming Zhao Assistant Professor


Luvell Anderson Associate Professor
Kenneth Baynes Professor
Ben Bradley Allan and Anita Sutton Professor
Janice Dowell Professor
Kevan Edwards Associate Professor
Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson Associate Professor No email available.
August Faller Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor
Samuel Gorovitz Professor
Mark Heller Professor
Karin Nisenbaum Assistant Professor
Christopher Noble Assistant Professor
Hille Paakkunainen Associate Professor and Graduate Director
Kara Richardson Associate Professor and Department Chair
Michael Rieppel Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director
David Sobel Irwin and Marjorie Guttag Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy
Robert Van Gulick Professor


Marina Artuso Professor
Stefan Ballmer Professor
Steven Blusk Professor
Duncan Brown Charles Brightman Endowed Professor of Physics
Simon Catterall Professor
Eric Coughlin Assistant Professor
Walter Freeman Associate Teaching Professor
Jay Hubisz Associate Professor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
John "Jack" Laiho Associate Professor and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
M. Lisa Manning William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Physics
Georgia Mansell Research Assistant Professor
Alan Middleton Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship
Mirna Mihovilovic Skanata Assistant Professor
Raymond Joseph Mountain Research Assistant Professor
Liviu Movileanu Professor
Alison Patteson Assistant Professor
Joseph Paulsen Assistant Professor
Ivan Pechenezhskiy Assistant Professor
Britton Plourde Professor
Jennifer Ross Professor and Department Chair
Matthew Rudolph Associate Professor
Christian D Santangelo Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Eric A. Schiff Professor
Jennifer Schwarz Professor
Rafael Silva Coutinho Research Assistant Professor
Antun Skanata Research Assistant Professor
Tomasz Skwarnicki Professor
Mitchell Soderberg Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Paul Souder Professor
G. Scott Watson Associate Professor
Denver Whittington Assistant Professor


Kevin Antshel Professor
Sara E. Burke Assistant Professor
Jennifer Anne Clarke Assistant Teaching Professor
Catherine Cornwell Associate Professor
Daniel Corral Assistant Professor
Amy H. Criss Professor and Department Chair
Joseph W. Ditre Professor
Tanya Eckert Associate Professor
Joshua C. Felver Assistant Professor
Les A. Gellis Associate Teaching Professor
Bridget O'Neil Hier Assistant Professor
Brett K. Jakubiak Assistant Professor
Jessie B. Joyce Assistant Teaching Professor
Michael L. Kalish Professor and Associate Chair
Afton Kapuscinski Associate Teaching Professor
David Kellen Associate Professor
Katie Kidwell Assistant Professor
Lynn Lohnas Assistant Professor
Laura V. Machia Associate Professor, Associate Chair, and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Meredith Martin Associate Teaching Professor
Leonard Newman Professor
Aesoon Park Professor, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology
Natalie Russo Associate Professor
Jillian R. Scheer Assistant Professor, Cobb-Jones Professor of Clinical Psychology
Lael J. Schooler Professor
Bradley Seymour AssociateTeaching Professor
Shannon M. Sweeney Assistant Teaching Professor
Zahra Vahedi Assistant Teaching Professor
Peter A. Vanable Professor
Sarah Woolf-King Associate Professor
Jeffrey C. Zemla Assistant Professor


Philip P. Arnold Associate Professor and Department Chair
Zachary J. Braiterman Professor
Mark Brockway Faculty Fellow in Political Science and Religion
Virginia Burrus The Bishop W. Earl Ledden Professor
Gareth Fisher Associate Professor
Ken Frieden B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies and William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities
Biko Mandela Gray Assistant Professor
M. Gail Hamner Professor
Jeanette S. Jouili Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Tazim . R Kassam Associate Professor
Brian E. Konkol Dean of Hendricks Chapel and Professor of Practice
R. Gustav Niebuhr Associate Professor
William Robert Associate Professor
Marcia Robinson Assistant Professor
Shira Schwartz Assistant Professor, Phyllis Backer Professor of Jewish Studies
Joanne Punzo Waghorne Professor
James W. Watts Professor

Science Teaching

Julia Snyder Research Assistant Professor
John W. Tillotson Associate Professor

Women's and Gender Studies

Himika Bhattacharya Associate Professor and Department Chair
PJ DiPietro Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Eunjung Kim Associate Professor
Rebecca J. Lambert Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor No email available.
Vivian M. May Professor
Danika Medak-Saltzman Assistant Professor
Chandra Talpade Mohanty Distinguished Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Dana M. Olwan Associate Professor
Gwendolyn D. Pough Professor
Robin L. Riley Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition

Lois Agnew Associate Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogy, Interim Chair of African American Studies
Rusty Bartels Assistant Teaching Professor
Patrick W. Berry Associate Professor
Mark Bousquet Assistant Teaching Professor
Collin Gifford Brooke Associate Professor and Interim Director of Graduate Studies
Dan Brown Associate Teaching Professor
Kevin Adonis Browne Associate Professor
Emily Dressing Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
Aaron Duplantier Assistant Teaching Professor
Chris Feikes Associate Teaching Professor
Timothy W. Gerken Associate Teaching Professor
Jonna Gilfus Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Lenny Grant Assistant Professor
Sarah Hakimzadeh Assistant Teaching Professor
Kate Hanzalik Assistant Teaching Professor
Krista Kennedy Associate Professor
Avi Luce Assistant Teaching Professor
Robin McCrary Assistant Teaching Professor
Rae Ann Meriwether Associate Teaching Professor
Noreen Moore Assistant Teaching Professor
Amy Murphy Assistant Teaching Professor
Brice Nordquist Associate Professor and Dean’s Professor of Community Engagement
Rajendra Panthee Associate Teaching Professor
Cynthia Pope Assistant Teaching Professor
Eileen E. Schell Professor
Steve Schillinger Assistant Teaching Professor
Tony Scott Associate Professor
Audrey Thompson Assistant Teaching Professor
Steve Thorley Assistant Teaching Professor
Sevinç Türkkan Assistant Teaching Professor
T.E. Winningham Assistant Teaching Professor
Joshua Wood Assistant Teaching Professor
Wen Xin Assistant Teaching Professor