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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library

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Due to the recent COVID-19 update, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Library will limit access to faculty and staff by appointment only. Requests for materials need to be emailed to with 24 hours' notice. You may also contact the librarian at for any additional information.

We hope to return to our normal schedule as soon as conditions are updated further.

As new generations of researchers seek to understand the issues that we face today, the knowledge of our shared identities must stand as a testament to past struggles and the victories that helped to shape American society. However, the challenge to providing access in the 21st century lies not in the documents but rather the methods by which they are retrieved.

Through the innovations of modern technology, information can be delivered in a variety of formats. The user is therefore required to have some knowledge of their subject matter as well as a measure of proficiency with these new formats, in order to navigate to a successful inquiry.