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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences


The College of Arts and Sciences has a highly diverse staff supporting our students, faculty and administrators. If you don't see the person you are looking for on this page, please check the SU Directory, the College of Arts and Sciences instructional staff list, the faculty member's or instructor's departmental website, or fill out our Contact form and select the "web" panel. This will generate a ticket in our ASWeb Orange Tracker queue.

Visit the Maxwell website for information on staff in the following areas: Department of Anthropology; Department of Economics; Department of Geography; Department of History; International Relations Program; Department of Political Science; and the Department of Sociology and Public Affairs.

African American Studies

Ajajielle Brown Administrative Specialist
Regina Cole Office Coordinator III - Academic Year
Angela A. Williams Librarian - Martin Luther King Library

Art and Music Histories

Barbara Bartlett Part-Time Graduate Coordinator
William Bowen Part-Time Office Coordinator III
Elizabeth Buchanan Administrative Specialist I


David Aldinger Building/ Lab Coordinator
Tracy M. Brownell Operations Specialist
Kelly Condon Purchasing/ Grants Coordinator
Judy Freshour Lab Manager (Hehnly)
Mary Graziano BIO 121/123 Lab Manager
Ginny Grieb Lab Assistant (Lewis)
Sarah Hartmann Graduate Academic Support Coordinator
Molly Kenyon Office Coordinator
Angelica Kowalchuk Lab Assistant (MacDonald)
Nichole Miller Office Coordinator
Tina Orlando Large Class and TA Academic Coordinator
Erin Poole Budget Administrator
Thomas Stack Lab Assistant (Fondy)
Matthew Sullenberger Lab Assistant (Maine)
Billie Trapani Undergraduate Academic Support Coordinator


Gary D Bonomo Lab Supervisor
Kelsey L. Dalzell Academic Support Coordinator
Thuy P Dao Lab Manager (Castaneda Lab)
Anne L Dovciak Lab Supervisor
Amy DuPont Financials Coordinator
Ashley Jenks Lab Assistant III (Mozhdehi Lab)
Deborah J. Kerwood, Ph.D. Lab Manager
Allison A Piccioni Budget Administrator
Jodi L Randall Graduate Coordinator
Michelle Sieburg Lab Manager (Hougland Lab)

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Ilene Firenze Office Coordinator
Marie Honors Budget Administrator
Cheryl Lowery Office Coordinator
Gonz Romero Office Coordinator & Insurance Specialist
Jen Steigerwald Operations Specialist

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Steph Bullinger Laboratory Manager
Peter K Cattaneo Department Technical Support
Jacqueline R Corbett Laboratory Manager II
Tracy Steele Operations Specialist
Heather Thompson Administrative Assistant
Andrea Turnbull Budget Support Associate
Jess Whitley Office Coordinator


Margaret Butler Administrative Specialist
Keely Calf Robe Undergraduate Coordinator
Terri A.G. Zollo Graduate Coordinator

Humanities Center

Diane Drake Communications and Program Specialist
Shelby Rodger Office Coordinator, Humanities Center
Miguel Rodriguez Budget Associate, Humanities Center and CNY Humanities Corridor
Kathleen "Katie" Walpole Program Manager, Central New York Humanities Corridor

La Casita

Drobnjak Dragana Youth Programming Coordinator/Librarian & Archivist
Olivia Flores Dual Language and Literacy Coordinator
Bennie Guzman Communications Manager
Alexandra Larios Assistant Program Coordinator
Aleksandre Roderick Lorenz Musical Director & Music Instructor
Ricardo Loubriel Cultural Media & Public Relations
Monica McLean Office Coordinator/Administration
Christian Medina Systems Analyst and Campus Outreach
Ashley Mejia STEM Workshop Coordinator
Mia Tsai Music Instructor

Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

Marie K O'Leary Budget Administrator
Christine Palmer Office Coordinator
"Sunny" Allison B. Robertson Academic Support Coordinator


Kimberly Canino Office Coordinator
Kelly Jarvi Administrative Specialist
Julie O'Connor Senior Administrator
M'Tia Williams Office Coordinator

Office of Cultural Engagement

Michael Asiedu Financials & Payroll Coordinator
Margot Clark Librarian & Archivist
Drobnjak Dragana Youth Programming Coordinator/Librarian & Archivist
Sara Felice Managing Associate Director
Bennie Guzman Communications Manager
Weisi Liu Financials & Payroll
Natalie McGrath Assistant Director
Tyler Sanchez Public Relations Intern
Luma Trilla Programming Coordinator & Community Outreach
Anthony White Gallery Assistant


Lisa Farnsworth Secretary/Office Coordinator
Roberta Hennigan Budget Analyst/Office Supervisor


Phil Arnold Experimental Machinist
Van Dam Laboratory Technician for Patteson and Ross Labs
Cassandra Ellis Administrative Assistant
Patti Ford Budget Manager
Sean Kelly Budget Support Associate
K. Alice Lindsay Lab supervisor
David Pratt Experimental Machinist, High Energy Experimental Physics Group
Yudaisy Salomón Sargentón Operations Specialist
Samuel Sampere Instructional Lab Manager
Kristine Weisblatt Academic Support Coordinator

Psychological Services Center

Amy Cambareri, Ph.D. Clinic Supervisor
Mark Ginsberg Clinic Supervisor
Aaron Gleason, Ph.D. Clinic Supervisor
Amy Goodrum Clinic Supervisor
Joseph Himmelsbach, Ph.D. Clinic Supervisor
Sarah LaFont Clinic Supervisor
Heather Pierson Office Coordinator
Nina Stoeckel, Ph.D. Clinic Supervisor


Jennifer Bragg Undergraduate Administrator
Erica Denny Academic Support Coordinator
Kelly Elugardo Office Coordinator
Christine Kshyna Operations Specialist
Heather Pierson Office Coordinator
Maggie Washburn Graduate Coordinator
Kimberley Wojtalewski Budget Support Associate


Jacqueline Borowve Graduate Records Coordinator
Deborah Pratt Administrative Assistant

Science Teaching

Peter K Cattaneo Department Technical Support
Tracy Steele Operations Specialist
Heather Thompson Administrative Assistant
Andrea Turnbull Budget Support Associate
Jess Whitley Office Coordinator

Women's and Gender Studies

Susann DeMocker-Shedd Administrative Specialist
Alice Loomis Office Coordinator

Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition

Sophia Brittain Graduate Program Coordinator
Benjamin Erwin Writing Center Administrator
Kristi Johnson Administrative Specialist
Kristen Krause Academic Support Coordinator
Faith Plvan Assistant Director for Professional Development
George Rhinehart Assistant Director for Writing Technologies
Linda Taylor Office Coordinator