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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Engaged Humanities

2019 Narratio Fellowship cohort crossing the street.

The Engaged Humanities Network (EHN) is committed to the pursuit of more inclusive, interconnected, and just communities and institutions. Toward these ends, the network seeds, supports, and fosters exchanges across publicly engaged research, teaching, and creative projects.

Collaborating Across Communities

Engaged Communities Cohort Meeting at La Casita

The EHN is open to all. Scholars, teachers, students, artists, and community leaders who make up the network apply their knowledge and skills to serve the public good and develop relationships of trust and mutual support across communities. Whether you are a student looking to develop or deepen connections with communities in Syracuse and Central New York, a faculty member with a new or ongoing publicly engaged course or project, or a community leader seeking collaborators, we would love to connect.

Engaged Humanities Programs

Group photo of 2021-22 Engaged Communities Cohort at the Skä•noñh Great Law of Peace Center

The EHN develops and supports participatory action research with collaborators across levels of experience and stages of education; creates new and connects existing publicly engaged undergraduate and graduate courses; designs and runs humanities and arts programs in collaboration with community partners, and organizes interventions responsive to current conditions and pressing needs in Syracuse, Central New York, and around the world.

EHN News


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