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Living Humanities Seminar Series

The Living Humanities Seminar Series connects scholars, teachers, students, and practitioners of the publicly engaged humanities and arts across the University, city, and region. The series features undergraduate courses across A&S departments cross-listed with the Humanities.

HUM/WRT 300: Living Humanities: Public Rhetoric & Writing

How can we write for and with communities in contexts of crisis? How can our rhetorics make and move publics? This inaugural course in the interdisciplinary Living Humanities seminar series considers the abilities and responsibilities of writers to understand and respond to the complex, pressing, and globally interconnected problems of local communities.

HUM/WRT 311: Community Writing, Photography & Literacy

This course partners with SU Art Museum’s PAL Project to bring University students into local public schools and community centers to offer training in visual rhetoric and multimodal composition, including photography and writing, and to work with youth to develop projects that explore issues of identity, culture, and community.


HUM 600/CCR 760: Engaged Humanities Theory and Practice Graduate Seminar

This seminar traces theoretical frameworks for publicly engaged humanities through intertwined threads of democratic education, critical/feminist theory and decolonial studies.