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Dean's Cabinet

Lois Agnew 2022 Cropped Lois Agnew Interim Dean of A&S, Professor A&S Administration A&S Dean's Cabinet Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
Gerry Greenberg 2022 Gerald R. Greenberg Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Interim Chair of African American Studies, Humanities; Curriculum, Instruction, and Programs, Associate Professor, Russian and Linguistics A&S Administration A&S Curriculum/Instruction A&S Dean's Cabinet Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics 315.443.2875
Kishi Animashaun Ducre_2459.jpg Kishi Animashaun Ducre Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion A&S Administration A&S Dean's Cabinet African American Studies 315.443.9354
alan-middleton-portrait-original-2015.jpg Alan Middleton Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship A&S Administration A&S Dean's Cabinet Physics
john-quigley-portrait-original.jpg John Quigley Assistant Dean for Advancement A&S Administration A&S Advancement 315.443.2028
steven-schaffling-portrait-original-082218.jpg Steve Schaffling Assistant Dean of Student Success A&S Administration A&S Advising 315.443.3150
Anderson-Chris-DSC_0267B.jpg Christopher Anderson Director of Graduate and Undergraduate Recruiting A&S Administration A&S Admissions A&S Dean's Cabinet 315.443.4322
andrea-persin-portrait-original.jpg Andrea Persin Senior Director of Budget, Finance and Administration A&S Administration A&S Budget A&S Dean's Cabinet 315.443.4675
matthew-kennedy-portrait-original.jpg Matthew Kennedy Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives A&S Administration A&S Dean's Cabinet 315.443.2049
Daeya Malboeuf portrait Daeya Malboeuf Director of Communications A&S Administration A&S Communications A&S Dean's Cabinet 315.443.2007
kathleen-kenney-portrait-original-02222017.jpg Kathleen Kenny Executive Assistant to the Dean A&S Administration A&S Dean's Cabinet 315.443.3949
jessica-allman-portrait-original-IMG_1408.jpg Jessica Allman Events Manager A&S Administration 315.443.5747