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Xiaoran Hu

Xiaoran Hu

Xiaoran Hu

Assistant Professor




Ph.D., Tufts University


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CHE 400/600 Selected Topics – Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems

Biographic Overview

Our group is interested in developing programmable smart materials and providing chemistry solutions to global challenges in materials innovation and health. We exploit molecular design and the synthetic organic toolbox to construct advanced material systems for sensing and drug delivery applications.

Research Interests

Smart materials; Polymers; Drug delivery; Stimuli-responsive chemistry; Organic chemistry

Research Specializations

Materials Chemistry

Lab Affiliations

Bioinspired Institute


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Honors and Awards

2019 ACS PMSE Distinguished Poster Nominee

2018 Finalist, ACS Eastman Chemical Student Award in Applied Polymer Science

2016 Graduate Student Research Competition Award, Tufts

2016 Graduate Research Excellence at Tufts Fellowship

2016 Graduate Student Travel Award, Tufts