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Simon Catterall

Simon Catterall

Simon Catterall



309 Physics Building
Office: 315.443.5978


  • 1989 D. Phil. in Theoretical Physics, Oxford University, England
  • 1985 B.A. in Physics (1st class honours), Oxford University, England

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Research Interests
  • Theoretical and computational studies of quantum field theory, quantum gravity and string theory.
  • Lattice gauge theory for physics beyond the Standard Model.
  • Lattice supersymmetry and applications to gauge-gravity duality.
  • Lattice studies of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking.
  • Application of supercomputer simulation to particle physics.

Research Spotlight


Video of a recent invited lecture at the Center for Particle Physics Phenomenology at the University of Southern Denmark

Simon Catterall Elected American Physical Society Fellow

(Oct. 18, 2016)

Professor Simon Catterall recognized for lattice field theory work

Physicists Awarded $1.1 Million Grant

(June 8, 2016)

Funding part of government's mission to advance experimental scientific discovery

Selected Publications

Perturbative renormalization of lattice N=4 super Yang Mills theory, S. Catterall, E. Dzienkowski, J. Giedt, A. Joseph, R. Wells, JHEP 1104:074 2011.

Exact lattice supersymmetry S. Catterall, D. B. Kaplan and M.Unsal, Physics Reports 484:71 2009.

Phase diagram of SU(2) with 2 flavors of dynamical adjoint quarks, S. Catterall, J Giedt, F. Sannino, J. Schneible, JHEP 0811:009 2008.

Black hole thermodynamics from simulations of lattice Yang-Mills theory, S. Catterall and T. Wiseman, Phys. Rev. D78: 041502, 2008 5. Minimal walking on the lattice, S. Catterall and F. Sannino, Phys.Rev. D76:034504 2007.