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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Joan Bryant

Photo not available.

Associate Professor and Department Chair

African American Studies

201 Sims Hall


Program Affiliation(s): Religion

Research and Teaching Interests

American religious history.

Selected Publications

  • "Race and Religion in Nineteenth-century America," in Perspectives on American Religion and Culture, ed. Peter Williams, Cambridge: Blackwell Publishers, 1999.
  • Book Review. Singing in a Strange Land: C. L. Franklin, the Black Church, and the Transformation of America, by Nick Salvatore, Little, Brown & Co. 2005, A.M.E. Church Review, March 2006.
  • Book Review. Prophesying Daughters: Black Women Preachers and the Word, 1823-1913, by Chanta M. Haywood, University of Missouri Press, 2003, A.M.E. Church Review, March 2004.
  • Book Review. Exodus! Religion, Race, and Nation in Early Nineteenth-Century Back America, by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. University of Chicago Press, 2000, The North Star: A Journal of African-American Religious History 3:2 (Spring 2001).
  • Book Review. Fire in his Heart: Bishop Benjamin Tucker Tanner and the A.M.E. Church, by William Seraile, University of Tennessee Press, 1998, The North Star: A Journal of African-American Religious History 3:2 (Spring 2000).


Sparking Dialogue

(Jan. 14, 2020)

Professor Wayne Franits, Professor Joan Bryant and Julia Jessen G'20 curate exhibitions.

Reflections of Excellence

(April 25, 2017)

Humanities Center fellowships underscore University commitment to high-impact research