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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Laura V. Machia

Machia portrait

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, and Director of Undergraduate Studies


410 Huntington Hall



Ph.D., Purdue University
M.S., Purdue University
B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder

Research and Teaching Interests

My research interests center on inter- and intra-personal dynamics of close relationships. Specifically, I examine predictors of relationship outcomes, most notably dissolution behaviors and health outcomes, as well as the processes associated with these outcomes.

Representative Publications

VanderDrift, L. E. & Agnew, C. R. (2014). Relational consequences of personal goal pursuits. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 106, 927-940.

VanderDrift, L. E., Agnew, C. R., Harvey, S. M., & Warren, J. (2013). Whose intentions predict? Power over condom use in heterosexual dyads. Health Psychology, 32, 1038-1046. 

VanderDrift, L. E., Agnew, C. R., & Wilson, J. E. (2009). Romantic relationship commitment and stay/leave behavior: The mediating role of dissolution consideration. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35, 1220-1232.

VanderDrift, L. E., Lehmiller, J. J., & Kelly, J. R. (2012). Commitment in friends with benefits relationships: Implications for relational change and safer sex practices. Personal Relationships, 19, 1-13.

VanderDrift, L. E., Lewandowski, G. W., & Agnew, C. R. (2011). Reduced self-expansion in current romance and interest in relationship alternatives. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 28, 356-373.