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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Student Administrative Assistant Intern(s)

To provide professional learning opportunities that enhance experience through a supervised internship.

Commitment to experiential learning
Encouragement of career exploration
Dedication to intellectual curiosity
Support and participation within the Syracuse University community

The Physics Department Internship Program supports student learning and development experiences in professional environments that complement the students' academic program and career goals by providing learning opportunities that encourage the practical application of educational content.
Learning experiences through internships are designed to teach critical thinking, effective reasoning, and the formation of new ideas within a work environment. The internship is intended to foster self-understanding, professional development, and personal initiative and encourage the creation of professional relationships and create opportunities for collaboration. They also develop practical competencies, such as effective communication, technical proficiency, progression toward goals, and contextual professional behavior through hard and soft skill development. They are encouraged to pursue a wide range of learning opportunities within an encouraging environment.