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Clinics for Undergraduates

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Physics Help Center and Study Lounge

The Physics Clinic is a help center and study lounge located within the Physics Building. It is staffed by teaching assistants, and is available throughout the academic year. Undergraduate students are encouraged to use the Clinic for consultations on topics covered in Physics and Astronomy courses or just as a quiet space to work on assignments.

Our graduate teaching assistants are able to provide full support for all undergraduate courses offered from the Physics Department. Note, there may be more than one TA available in one time slot to assist. Please see below for their scheduled times.

If you have any comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Academic Coordinator at Thank you in advance for your understanding that there may be emergencies or conflicts that arise that will prevent us from staffing the clinic. We will do our best to ensure that those instances are few and far between.

**Every teaching assistant will provide support with any of our offered Physics Courses**

Physics Clinic Schedule.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10 - 11am Sierra Thomas Sierra Thomas Byron Alexia Wally
11 - 12pm Daniel Paradiso Trent Gayer He Li Nada Elmeigy
Chandler Martin Nada Elmeigy Byron Trent Gayer
12 - 1pm Kishan Sankharva Rashi Matthew A Chandler Martin Kelly Aspinwall
Andrew D Manabputra Ava Breitbeck Abhishek Samlodia Carlos Moguel
1 - 2pm Kishan Sankharva Chad Skerbec Rashi Chad Skerbec
Andrew D Manabputra Ava Breitbeck Julia Bourdeau Kelly Aspinwall
2 - 3pm Daniel Paradiso Dylan VanAllen JT Paustian Gwen Hartshaw Abhishek Samlodia
Matt Todd Gwen Hartshaw Julia Bourdeau Lindsay W
3 - 4pm Keisi Kacanja Dylan VanAllen JT Paustian Clinic Closed Clinic Closed
Matt Todd He Li Matthew A Clinic Closed Clinic Closed
4 - 5pm Keisi Kacanja Goksu Goksu Clinic Closed Clinic Closed
James A Alexia Carlos M. Clinic Closed Clinic Closed
5 - 6pm James A Wally Luke T Clinic Closed
Clinic Closed
6 - 7pm Kiichi Luke T Clinic Closed
Clinic Closed
7 - 8pm Kiichi Gabriel Gabriel Clinic Closed
Clinic Closed