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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Advising

Faculty advising is a vital component of the programs of study in physics.  Our 2:1 student to faculty ratio permits a high level of faculty contact for students, and this mentorship is a highlight of study in the department.  If you have an interest in majoring or minoring in physics, or if you simply want to learn how physics courses can enhance your undergraduate experience, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Physics, the Biophysical Science advisor, or our Academic Program Coordinator (listed below).

Questions regarding registration in lower division PHY courses (100 or 200-level) should be directed to the Academic Program Coordinator.

All other inquiries can be addressed to the Department of Physics:

201 Physics Building
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1130
Phone (315) 443-3901
Fax (315) 443-9103

For information regarding Advising in the College of Arts and Science, see the Advising and Academic Support Website.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: John "Jack" Laiho

Biomedical Physics and Biophysics Advisor: Liviu Movileanu

Academic Coordinator: TBA