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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Physics majors receive advising directly from research-active faculty members who are there to help navigate the program, external opportunities during their college career, and find career opportunities after they leave.

Advisors are determined based on the student’s anticipated graduation year:

Class of 2022: Prof. Britton Plourde and Prof. Scott Watson

Class of 2023: Prof Ali Patteson and Prof. Denver Whittington

Class of 2024: Prof. Matt Rudolph and Prof. Joey

Class of 2025: Prof. Steve Blusk and Prof. Jack Laiho

All others are advised directly by the director of undergraduate studies, Prof. Jay Hubisz

General questions about the Physics BA, Physics BS, and Physics minor, please email Prof. Jay Hubisz

General questions about the Biological Physics BA, please email Prof. Jenny Ross

For information regarding Advising in the College of Arts and Science, see the Advising and Academic Support Website.