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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Clinic

Physics Help Center and Study Lounge

The Physics Clinic is a help center and study lounge located within the Physics Building. It is staffed by teaching assistants, and is available throughout the academic year. Undergraduate students are encouraged to use the Clinic for consultations on topics covered in Physics and Astronomy courses or just as a quiet space to work on assignments.

Fall 2021 Physics Clinic Schedule

Our graduate teaching assistants are able to provide full support for all undergraduate courses offered from the Physics Department. Note, there may be more than one TA available in one time slot to assist. Please see below for their scheduled times.

If you have any comments or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Academic Coordinator Juliette Rawda at Thank you in advance for your understanding that there may be emergencies or conflicts that arise that will prevent us from staffing the clinic. We will do our best to ensure that those instances are few and far between.

**Every teaching assistant will provide support with any of our offered Physics Courses**

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 - 10 a.m.       Yiming Xu Julia Bourdeau
9 - 10 a.m.         Yiming Xu
10 - 11 a.m. Sounok Ghosh Patrick Adams Kishan Sankharva   Julia Bourdeau
10 - 11 a.m.     Byron Sleight Patrick Adams  
11 - 12 p.m. Sounok Ghosh Bharath Sambasivam Kishan Sankharva Bharath Sambasivam Nada Elmeligy
11 - 12 p.m.   Kenny Byron Sleight Samay Hulikal  
12 - 1 p.m. Sierra Thomas Gentian Muhaxheri Nuzhat Faiza Samay Hulikal  
12 - 1 p.m.   Kenny Sierra Thomas Nada Elmeligy  
1 - 2 p.m. Chandler Martin Gentian Muhaxheri Justin Bartz Nada Elmeligy  
1 - 2 p.m. Adil Ghaznavi Tyler Hain Adil Ghaznavi Alexia Chatzitheodorou  
2 - 3 p.m. Ananya Bandopadhyay Gwen Hartshaw Justin Bartz Gwen Hartshaw  
2 - 3 p.m. Chandler Martin He Li Tyler Hain    
3 - 4 p.m. Ananya Bandopadhyay He Li   Shabeeb  
3 - 4 p.m. Vincent Musso        
4 - 5 p.m.   Shuchong Ding   Shuchong Ding Rohan Rajagopalan
4 - 5 p.m.   Vincent Musso   Alexia Chatzitheodorou  
5 - 6 p.m. Nuzhat Faiza Chad Skerbec Shabeeb Chad Skerbec Rohan Rajagopalan
5 - 6 p.m.   Manabputra   Manabputra  
6 - 7 p.m. Gabriel Alkuino        
6 - 7 p.m.          
7 - 8 p.m. Gabriel Alkuino     Xin Fang S M Asif Iqbal
7 - 8 p.m.          
8 - 9 p.m.       Xin Fang S M Asif Iqbal
8 - 9 p.m.