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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Philosophy Faculty, Instructors, Staff and Graduate Students

Department Chair (Acting)



luvell-anderson-portrait-medres.jpg Luvell Anderson Assistant Professor Philosophy 315.443.2536
kenneth-baynes-portrait-original-2012.jpeg Kenneth Baynes Professor Philosophy
fred-beiser-portrait-outside.jpg Frederick Beiser Professor Philosophy 315.443.5815
ben-bradley-portrait-original.JPG Ben Bradley Professor and Graduate Director Philosophy 315-443-5818
janice-dowell-portrait-original.jpeg Janice Dowell Professor Philosophy 315.443.5825
Kevan Edwards Kevan Edwards Associate Professor Philosophy 315.443.5821
Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson_8238.jpg Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson Assistant Professor Philosophy 315.443.3155
samuel-gorovitz-portrait-original.jpg Samuel Gorovitz Professor Philosophy 315.443.9331
mark-heller-portrait-original.JPG Mark Heller Professor Philosophy 315.443.5813
christopher-noble-portrait-original.jpg Christopher Noble Assistant Professor Philosophy 315.443.5816
hille-paakkunainen-portrait-outside.jpg Hille Paakkunainen Associate Professor Philosophy 315.443.5827
kara-richardson-portrait-original.jpg Kara Richardson Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director Philosophy 315.443.5817
michael-rieppel-portrait-original.jpg Michael Rieppel Assistant Professor Philosophy 315.443.2519
david-sobel-portrait-original.jpg David Sobel Professor Philosophy
robert-van-gulick-portrait-original.JPG Robert Van Gulick Professor Philosophy 315.443.5828

Part-Time Faculty

photo-not-available.jpg Christina Marie Busse Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Jeremy A Dickinson Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Jacob Raphael Greenblum Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Joseph Hedger Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Matthew Alan Koehler Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg James Soo Lee Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Isaiah Lin Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Amy Irene Massoud Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Edward Fiske Mooney Part-Time Instructor Philosophy 315.443.5726
William-Osborne.JPG William Galloway Osborne III Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
Paul-W-Prescott.jpeg Paul Warden Prescott Part-time Assistant Professor Philosophy
Pamela-Ryan.jpg Pamela Ryan Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Neelam Sethi Part-Time Instructor Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Clark A Sexton Part-Time Instructor Philosophy


photo-not-available.jpg José Benardete Professor Emeritus Philosophy None 315-443-5829
photo-not-available.jpg Mark Brown Emeritus Associate Professor Philosophy 315.443.5829
photo-not-available.jpg C. L. Hardin Professor Emeritus Philosophy 315.443.2245
photo-not-available.jpg Thomas McKay Professor Emeritus Philosophy 315.443.2245
photo-not-available.jpg Emily Robertson Professor Emerita Philosophy 315.443.9074
photo-not-available.jpg John Robertson Professor Emeritus Philosophy 315.443.5826
photo-not-available.jpg Michael Stocker Emeritus Professor Philosophy 315.443.2245

Faculty Affiliates

zachary-braiterman-portrait-original-informal.jpg Zachary J. Braiterman Professor Religion 315.443.5719
elizabeth-cohen-portrait-original.jpg Elizabeth Cohen Associate Professor Political Science 315.443.5870
Johannes-Himmelreich-portrait-original.jpg Johannes Himmelreich Assistant Professor International Relations 315.443.9325
edward-mooney-portrait-original.jpg Edward F. Mooney Professor Emeritus Religion 315.443.3861
glynn-morgan-portrait-original.jpg Glyn Morgan Associate Professor Political Science 315.443.8678
marcia-robinson-portrait-original.jpg Marcia Robinson Assistant Professor Religion 315.443.5726
Ernest-Wallwork-lr-portrait Ernest Wallwork Professor, Religion Religion 315.443.5720


lisa-farnsworth-originial.jpg Lisa Farnsworth Secretary/Office Coordinator Philosophy 315.443.2245
roberta-hennigan-portrait-lores.jpg Roberta Hennigan Budget Analyst/Office Supervisor Philosophy 315.443.4501

Graduate Students

Abbas85.jpg Aatif Abbas Graduate Student Philosophy
Bell85.jpg Rose Bell Graduate Student Philosophy
Bousquet85.jpg Christopher Bousquet Graduate Student Philosophy
Teresa-Bruno-20200219.jpg Teresa Bruno-Niño Graduate Student Philosophy
Busse85.jpg Christina Busse Graduate Student Philosophy
cimendereli.jpg Çağla Çimendereli Graduate Student Philosophy
Cook85.jpg Benjamin Cook Graduate Student Philosophy
DAngelo.jpg Lorenza D'Angelo Graduate Student Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Dante Dauksz Graduate Student Philosophy
de Melo85.jpg Thiago de Melo Graduate Student Philosophy
Demirtas85.jpg Huzeyfe Demirtas Graduate Student Philosophy
Fernandez85.jpg Alfredo Fernandez Graduate Student Philosophy
Fortier85.jpg Nikki Fortier Graduate Student Philosophy
Garland.jpg Carolyn Garland Graduate Student Philosophy
Head85.jpg Kellan Head Graduate Student Philosophy
Huang85.jpg Weiting Huang Graduate Student Philosophy
JavierCastellanos.jpg Arturo Javier-Castellanos Graduate Student Philosophy
MKoehler.png Matthew Koehler Graduate Student Philosophy
kohls85.png Stacy Kohls Graduate Student Philosophy
AKrantz.png Alex Krantz Graduate Student Philosophy
noah-lanning-portrait-original.jpg Noah Lanning Graduate Student Philosophy
Sanggu Lee85.jpg Sanggu Lee Graduate Student Philosophy
Lin.jpg Isaiah Lin Graduate Student Philosophy
Looney.jpg William "Scott" Looney Graduate Student Philosophy
Lu85.jpg Yaojun Lu Graduate Student Philosophy
Nalty85.jpg Sean Nalty Graduate Student Philosophy
emine-oktay-portrait-original.jpg Emine "Naz" Oktay Graduate Student Philosophy
Osborne85.jpg William Osborne III Graduate Student Philosophy
margaret-owens-portrait-original.jpg Margaret Owens Graduate Student Philosophy
Patterson85.jpg Adam Patterson Graduate Student Philosophy
photo-not-available.jpg Roger Rosena Graduate Student Philosophy
Shirmohammadi85.jpg Hamed Shirmohammadi Graduate Student Philosophy
Jags85.jpg Jags Singh Graduate Student Philosophy
Singletary.jpg Jason Singletary Graduate Student Philosophy
Swiderski85.jpg Jan Swiderski Graduate Student Philosophy
Tignor85.jpg Joshua Tignor Graduate Student Philosophy
York85.jpg Ian York Graduate Student Philosophy