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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Philosophy

Subway graffiti reads question everything.

What am I? What can I know? What must I do?

In your philosophy classes you will engage with foundational thinkers and develop your skills at understanding and assessing arguments. You will improve your powers of reasoning and critical thinking and expand your imagination and mind in confronting the timeless fundamental questions about the human condition. And in assessing the greatest responses humanity has so far managed to these questions, you will be encouraged to challenge their adequacy using the analytical and critical skills you have developed.

But philosophy is not only about the abstract and the distant past. The analytical skills and tools you develop will be used in your philosophy classes to address concrete problems in the real world. And these skills are highly sought after by employers in many fields including business, government, and journalism. Philosophy is also excellent preparation for law school, business school, and graduate school. In fact, philosophy majors consistently earn amongst the highest salaries and score towards the top on the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE. So don't let anyone tell you that stretching your mind to study the big questions comes at the cost of making you marketable - just show them the graphs.

Philosophy at Syracuse

The philosophy department at Syracuse has an excellent and productive faculty conducting world-class research in many different areas of philosophy. To learn more about our individual faculty members, you can visit their research profiles. The department is a very active academic community, regularly hosting speakers and organizing a range of conferences. We also have a strong graduate program that boasts a successful placement record, active graduate students, and a friendly, congenial atmosphere.


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