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Current Students

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Current Students

Meet with a College Advisor

Our professional staff is available to meet with students by appointment and during walk-in hours throughout the academic year.  College Advisors help students understand the purpose of a liberal arts education and counsel students during the course of their academic careers. We help students:

  • Understand the Liberal Arts Core;
  • Select courses, majors, and minors;
  • Develop time management skills;
  • Map strategies to improve academic performance;
  • Identify academic enrichment opportunities;
  • Maintain steady progress toward completing degrees;
  • Plan for graduate school or entry into the job market.

At the beginning of their academic careers, students are assigned a College Advisor who will work with them throughout their undergraduate career. Assigned, individual advisors help students transition to college, discuss course selection and class schedules, and provide insights about the academic experience in the College of Arts and Sciences and opportunities available at Syracuse University. After students declare a major, they are assigned a faculty advisor from within the department or interdisciplinary program they are pursuing.  These advisors additionally work with students through graduation and help with post-graduation planning. The assigned advisors are listed  at the top of the student transcript, accessed through MySlice

By Appointment

Students are welcome to speak with a College Advisor about individual questions or concerns by appointment. Please  schedule appointments through OrangeSUccess regarding academic plans, strategies and goals; pre-law, pre-health, pre-professional and career plans; and other topics of interest to you.


Professional Advisors are available for 15-Minute Walk-Ins for brief, time-sensitive discussions. Students sign in for a Walk-In at 342 Hall of Languages. Walk-In hours are:

Monday through Friday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Develop an Academic Plan

Our professional advisors offer personalized, one-on-one assistance to students who are in the process of exploring and selecting their major. College Advisors help students who are considering changing their major, adding one or more majors, adding one or more minors, or dropping a major or minor.

College Advisors help students choose a major based on:

  • Interests
  • Aptitudes and Abilities
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Lifestyle

In addition, College Advisors help answer students questions, such as:

  • What is a the difference between a double major and dual enrollment?
  • What is a combined degree?
  • Is it OK to choose one or more minors outside the College of Arts and Sciences? (The answer is "yes!")
  • What types of interdisciplinary programs are available through the College of Arts and Sciences?
  • Is it possible, under special circumstances, to tailor a major to my specific interests, although the College may not offer a formal degree in this particular area? (The answer is "yes").

As part of the process of exploring majors, our professional staff sometimes make use of various self-assessments in helping students to identify their interests, values, and personality. 

Declare a Major or Minor

When arriving at Syracuse University, all students who enter the College of Arts and Sciences provide an indication of their intended major or area of interest; however, all students are undeclared until they follow the official declaration of major process. Once academic counselors assist students with exploring all of their interests, skills, and academic talents to help them integrate and build the optimal interdisciplinary academic plan, students often feel ready to declare their major and, potentially, minor plans.

Once students declare a major, they are appointed a faculty advisor within the department. Some majors stipulate certain grade performance in foundational courses before students can declare the major, and students are encouraged to consult with a faculty advisor about each major's unique program requirements. College Advisors are here to assist students with the development of the best-suited academic plan to achieve success.

To officially declare a major, students must complete a Major Declaration Form, which must be approved by the department and submitted to Advising and Career Services at 342 Hall of Languages.