Orange Alert

New Students

Welcome to The College of Arts and Sciences | Maxwell School

This web page will be your one-stop resource for any information related to your success as a new student in A&S|Maxwell. In addition to communications from the Office of New Student and Family Programs, A&S |Maxwell students receive weekly emails from the Academic and Career Advising team, with information “You Otto Know” that will help them prepare for the transition to College and beyond.

Important pages you need to review regularly:

  • New Student Checklist to know dates and deadlines related to your transition
  • Welcome Guide for the University’s Office of New Student and Family Programs’ Checklist as well.

Questions About Your Schedule

  • Your schedule will be available to view on MySlice at the end of July. In the meantime, you can access your schedule via Orange Success by following these steps:
    • Log into MySlice
    • Click on the Advising Tile
    • On the menu to the left, click Orange Success
  • To view your classes in list format:
    • Click on the icon at the top left and scroll down to "Courses". You will see a list of courses.
  • To view your class schedule in calendar format:
    • Go to your student dashboard and find the calendar.
    • Choose date: August 29, 2022 (the first day of classes), and it should show you all your current classes. Scroll down on the calendar as needed.