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Language Acquisition Concentration

Concentration Advisor
Victoria Tumanova
Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Office: 621 Skytop Suite 1200
Tel: 315.443.9640

Consult the Course Catalog for specific requirements.

Sample Requirements

Equivalent or alternative courses may be substituted for any of the courses listed below by approval of the program. Be aware that certain courses may have prerequisites, e.g., LIN641 (Introduction to Syntactic Analysis) must be taken before LIN741 (Advanced Syntax), LIN601 (Introduction to Linguistic Analysis) must be taken before LIN631 (Introduction to Phonological Analysis) or LIN641 (Introduction to Syntactic Analysis), and CSD616 (Introduction to Applied Phonetics) must be taken before CSD638 (Introduction to Clinical Phonology) or CSD643 (Phonological Disability).

  1. Linguistics Core Courses (12 credits)
  • LIN 601 Linguistic Analysis
  • LIN 631 Phonological Analysis
  • LIN 641 Syntactic Analysis
  • LIN 571 Topics in Sociolinguistics
  1. Concentration Area Required Courses (6 Credits)

Required: CSD 622 Development of Speech and Language

Choose 3 of the following

  • LIN 591 Second Language Aquisition
  • CSD 616 Introduction to Applied Phonetics
  • CSD 627* Speech and Language Disorders of Children
  • CSD 623 Language Disorders of Early Childhood (4 credits inc. lab), OR
  • CSD 731 Language Disorders of School Age Children (4 credits inc. lab)
  • CSD 638* Introduction to Clinical Phonology or

*A course in phonetics or permission of the instructor is required prior to taking these courses

  1. Concentration Area Elective Courses (12 Credits)

Select four courses from the list below in consultation with your advisor.

  • ANT 678 Language and Gender
  • LIN 621 Introduction to Methods for Language Teaching (TESOL/TLOTE)
  • LIN 622 Advanced Methods for Language Teaching (TESOL/TLOTE)
  • LIN 661 Intro to Historical Linguistics
  • LIN 671 Dimensions of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism
  • LIN 691 Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition
  • LIN 741 Advanced Syntax
  • LIN 673 Language Variation and Change
  • RED 601 Literacy Across the Life Span
  • RED 602 Comprehending and Composing I
  • PSY 734 Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood

Thesis Option: In substitution for 6 credits (2 Elective courses from Section 3, or 1 Elective course from Section 3 and 1 Language Development course from Section 2B), the student may prepare a thesis under the supervision of the concentration advisor and other faculty participating in the Program on a topic approved by the concentration advisor.

Degree Total: at least 30 Credits