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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Language Placement Exams

All students are expected to take a placement exam before registering for language classes!

Current Undergraduate and Graduate students must request access to placement exams. After a student has requested and received access, the exam will become available via MySlice within 24 hours.

Students are expected to follow exam protocols and adhere to the ethical standard outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy when taking a language placement exam which states “examinations and quizzes of all kinds, including online and take-home as well as in-class exams, must reflect only the work of the submitting student without assistance from other people or resources such as texts, websites or notes."

The placement exam is designed to determine the appropriate level of language study. It is not a pass or fail exam.

Accessing the Exams

Students can take and register for the language placement exams through MySlice.

  1. Navigate and sign in to MySlice.
  2. Navigate to Student Services, Placement Exams, Take Placement Exams
  3. If you have access to placement exams, you will move directly to the placement exam site in Blackboard. If you do not have access, you will need to be given access to placement exams by providing the requested information. The placement exams will become available via MySlice approximately 24 hours after the request has been processed.

To be given registration access to the appropriate language course, ESF students must contact the department once the exam has been completed. Please email Colleen Kepler,, with your name and student ID number.

First term undergraduate students (new first year and new transfer students) are able to access and take the placement exams after accepting the admission offer and becoming term activated (in May for Fall admits, on a rolling basis beginning in December for Spring admits).

Non-English Language Exams

If you have studied any of the following languages either formally or informally, lived in a country where that language is the dominant spoken language, or grown up in a household that spoke that language, you must take a placement exam before being allowed to register for any course in that language. You must present your student ID to take all language placement tests. Please email the appropriate person with any questions.

ESOL, English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE)

All undergraduate students for whom English is not their dominant language must take the English Language Assessment Exam. Graduate students should consult with their respective colleges about whether or not they are required to take the exam. Please register for the exam at

Student should register to take the exam on either July 6, 7, or 8 EST and must take the exam on their chosen date. Students who have registered will be contacted via email at a later time with more specific information about how to take the exam. The exam will take 2 hours to complete and must be taken in one sitting. If you are unable to take the exam on these dates for some reason, please still register for the exam; the form will provide you with a space to explain why you are unable to take the exam.