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The Composition and Cultural Rhetoric (CCR) Doctoral Program


The composition and cultural rhetoric (CCR) doctoral program  at Syracuse University emphasizes research on the dynamic interaction of rhetoric and writing in a variety of cultural and historical contexts. Located within the writing program since 1997, CCR is the first doctorate in rhetoric and composition studies in the country to be offered by an independent writing program. With doctoral education as our sole focus, the CCR program offers a unique environment for students to develop their graduate and professional careers through sustained and committed engagement with our nationally and internationally recognized faculty.

As a department, we work to develop a diverse graduate student community and to help them connect their work to a broad range of scholarly, disciplinary and community contexts. For this reason, a survey of our current and past students will show a program as engaged with composition pedagogy as technical writing, to digital rhetoric as community engagement, global English as classical rhetoric, and feminist studies as Caribbean rhetoric. We are committed, that is, to actively working within the traditional and emergent research in our field in order to enable students to chart the next wave of scholarly, pedagogical, and community-based practices. (Click here for our curriculum and courses; click here for faculty and graduate student profiles.)

We are also deeply committed to preparing our students for professional life and success. In the past year, our graduate students published over a dozen articles, presented their work at local and national conferences over forty five times, and engaged in numerous national panels and committees. Also members of our graduate student community have been hired locally and nationally in tenure track jobs, providing a wide network of professional support. Our strong track record of successfully placing students in tenure track jobs throughout the country is reflected in the alumni profiles

Finally, in our program, graduate students do not have to wait to receive their degree to begin professional involvement in the field. Graduate students teach across the curriculum as well as serving on departmental committees. They work collaboratively with faculty on research studies, conference presentations, and academic publications. They invest their time in our network of strong community partnerships, which has included working to expand literacy programs in local prisons, helping to establish a grassroots activist organization, and founding a community press. Through our Graduate Circle, students will be able to be part of collective efforts to support and sustain their academic and personal lives.

CCR, then, is a diverse community of students and faculty dedicated to engaging with the work of composition and rhetoric, embedding its scholarly insights within and outside the university and continually exploring the new directions that will shape our field in the years to come.

We hope you will consider joining us in this effort. Visit our CCR Admissions page to learn more about applying.


Krista Kennedy
Associate Professor of Writing & Rhetoric
Director of Graduate Studies, Composition & Cultural Rhetorics
Core Faculty Member, Autonomous Systems Policy Institute