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Department of English

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Take a journey through the human experience via literary study. Explore creative expression across a broad array of texts—novels, plays, film, digital media and more. Interpret motivations behind stories of yesterday and today and hone your skills as a writer.

The curriculum is called English and Textual Studies (ETS) to acknowledge the breadth and diversity of the texts you will study. While courses certainly feature well-known literary texts from the past and present, the standard fiction, poetry, and drama has expanded to include new kinds of texts, including film, digital media, graphic novels, political manifestos, autobiography and other forms of non-fictive prose.

ETS is designed to:

  • Introduce you to a wide array of texts.
  • Enhance your ability to interpret texts and express ideas; develop powers of argument and analysis.
  • Train you to write critically and clearly about your understanding.
  • Develop skills for writers of poetry and fiction and help you become critical readers of your own work though creative writing courses.

Diverse faculty, including literary historians, critical theorists, film scholars, editors, poets and novelists, approach the field in a variety of ways. They are dedicated teachers, confident that courses will help you to understand this changing textual universe and to acquire the verbal, analytical, and critical powers essential to your intellectual development and future success. ETS faculty are accessible and want to see you succeed.

Study abroad.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to expand your horizons as a student, reader and writer. ETS majors are encouraged to study abroad, particularly at Syracuse University's London campus, which regularly offers a variety of ETS courses from Shakespeare to Victorian novels to contemporary British cinema. For information on programs and available London courses, contact Syracuse University Abroad.

Make a difference in the world.

An English degree from Syracuse University opens up many professional doors. You can work as an editor, filmmaker, marketer, journalist or countless other opportunities. Learn more about all your options and talk to your advisor.


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