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"My response to racism is anger. I have lived with that anger, ignoring it, feeding upon it, learning to use it before it laid my visions to waste, for most of my life. Once I did it in silence, afraid of the weight. My fear of anger taught me nothing. Your fear of that anger will teach you nothing, also.” Audre Lorde

Read a collective statement from English Department faculty, graduate students, and staff on racialized violence.

The SU Department of English Stands in Solidarity with Asian and Asian-American Students and Colleagues.

The Department of English stands in solidarity and mourning with the Asian and Asian-American community in the wake of the murders of six Asian women in Atlanta. These murders were racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic hate crimes that targeted a group of workers whose identities and labor at a specific intersection of race, class, and gender made them highly visible and vulnerable targets of masculinist and white supremacist rage. At the same time, we know that Asian and Asian-American members of our own community here at Syracuse University have also been subjected to hate, bias, and discrimination and that nationwide Asians and Asian Americans have been subjected to a rising wave of hate and violence in the last year. The people who commit these acts create an atmosphere that is hostile to all students, staff and faculty and especially harm those from vulnerable groups. Our Asian and Asian-American students, faculty, and staff are invaluable members of our community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the English Department Chair, Professor Coran Klaver, at, if you are in need of support. We stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian American students and colleagues.

English and Textual Studies

Take a journey through the human experience via literary study. Explore creative expression across a broad array of texts—novels, plays, film, digital media and more. Interpret motivations behind stories of yesterday and today and hone your skills as a writer.

Our curriculum is called English and Textual Studies (ETS) to acknowledge the breadth and diversity of the texts you will study. In addition to traditional literature courses in Chaucer and Shakespeare, the Romantics and Victorians, and literary modernism, you can also take courses in:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Hollywood film
  • Video game history
  • Comics and Graphic Novel
  • Hip-hop culture and more

ETS is designed to:

  • Introduce you to a wide array of texts
  • Enhance your ability to interpret texts and express ideas
  • Develop powers of argument and analysis
  • Train you to write critically and clearly
  • Develop skills for writers of poetry and fiction
  • Become critical readers of your own work

Our diverse faculty includes literary historians, critical theorists, film scholars, editors, poets, and novelists who approach the field in a variety of ways.

English Department News

Andy Tinsley

Student Ambassadors

posted on: April 1, 2021

The Department of English has kicked off a student ambassador program. We recently caught up with two ambassadors.


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Books by Department of English Faculty

  • All's Well

    All's Well

    All's Well, by Mona Awad, Simon & Schuster (August 3, 2021), 368pp., ISBN-13: 978-1982169664

  • Wayward


    Wayward: A novel, by Dana Spiotta, Random House Large Print; Large type / Large print edition (July 6, 2021), 410pp., ISBN-13: 978-0593414446

  • Mister Toebones

    Mister Toebones

    Brooks Haxton, Mister Toebones: Poems, Knopf (March 23, 2021), 120pp., ISBN-13: 978-0593318522

  • Snakes and Babies

    Snakes and Babies

    Snakes & Babies by Jules Gibbs, Sheep Meadow Press (January 4, 2021), 82pp., ISBN-13 : 978-1937679897

  • Romantic Capabilities: Blake, Scott, Austen, and the New Messages of Old Media

    Romantic Capabilities: Blake, Scott, Austen, and the New Messages of Old Media

    Mike Goode, Romantic Capabilities: Blake, Scott, Austen, and the New Messages of Old Media (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020), xv + 336pp.; 34 figures. ISBN-13: ISBN-13 : 978-0198862369

  • Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks

    Twin Peaks, by Julie Grossman and Will Scheibel, Wayne State University Press, 2020, 122pp., ISBN: 9780814346235

  • Documenting the Visual Arts

    Documenting the Visual Arts

    Documenting the Visual Arts, edited by Roger Hallas, Routledge 2019, 270pp., ISBN: 9781138565999

  • Hollywood Musicals

    Hollywood Musicals

    Hollywood Musicals, Steven Cohan. Routledge (1 October 2019) 218pp., ISBN: 9781138497450.