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mona-awad.jpg Mona Awad Assistant Professor English
crystal-bartolovich-portrait-lores.jpg Crystal Bartolovich Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
dorri-beam-portrait-lores.jpg Dorri Beam Associate Professor English 315.443.8112
Chanelle-Benz-crop.jpg Chanelle Benz Assistant Professor English
dympna-callaghan-portrait-original-20190516-6967.jpg Dympna Callaghan William Safire Professor of Modern Letters and University Professor English 315.443.2173
jonathan-dee-credit-Ulf-Andersen2-497x744-1.jpg Jonathan Dee Associate Professor and Director of Creative Writing Program English 315.443.9468
photo-not-available.jpg Susan Edmunds Professor English 315.443.2173
carol-fadda-conrey-portrait-original.jpg Carol W.N. Fadda Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
chris-forster-portrait-original.jpg Chris Forster Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies English 315.443.9487
Ken Frieden Ken Frieden B.G. Rudolph Professor of Judaic Studies and William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities English Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Religion 315.443.3861
mike-goode-portrait-medres.jpg Mike Goode William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities English 315.443.6133
matthew-grzecki-portrait-original-0087.jpg Matthew Grzecki Assistant Teaching Professor and Creative Writing Coordinator English
Roger Hallas 2022 Roger Hallas Associate Professor English 315.443.4947
chris-hanson-portrait-original-111717.jpg Chris Hanson Associate Professor English 315.443.4159
sarah-harwell-portrait-original.jpg Sarah Harwell Associate Teaching Professor and Associate Director of Creative Writing English 315.443.2174
brooks-haxton-portrait-medres.jpg Brooks Haxton Professor English 315.443.2173
mary-karr-portrait-med-res.jpg Mary Karr Trustee Professor and Jesse Truesdell Peck Professor of Literature English 315.443.9476
christopher-kennedy-portrait-original.jpg Christopher Kennedy Professor English
photo-not-available.jpg Katherine A. Kidd Assistant Teaching Professor and English Studies Coordinator English
Coran-Klaver.jpg Coran Klaver Associate Professor and Department Chair English 315.443.2173
Delali-Kumavie-1x1.jpg Delali Kumavie Assistant Professor English
erin-mackie-portrait-original.jpg Erin Mackie Professor English 315.443.4950
ethan-madarieta-2.jpg Ethan Madarieta Assistant Professor English
patricia-moody-portrait-lores.jpg Patricia Moody Associate Professor English 315.443.9486
patricia-roylance-portrait-original.jpg Patricia Roylance Associate Professor English 315.443.2173
george-saunders-portrait-original.jpg George Saunders Professor English 315.443.2173
will-scheibel-portrait-hires.jpg Will Scheibel Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies English 315.443.9472
stephanie-shirilan-portrait-original.jpg Stephanie Shirilan Associate Professor English
bruce-smith-portrait-speaking.jpg Bruce Smith Professor English 315.443.2173
Dana-Spiotta.jpg Dana Spiotta Associate Professor English
scott-manning-stevens-portrait-original.jpg Scott Manning Stevens [Akwesasne Mohawk] Associate Professor, Director, Native American and Indigenous Studies English Humanities Faculty 315.443.8785
harvey-teres-portrait-hires.jpg Harvey Teres Professor English
Antonio-Tiongson.jpg Antonio Tiongson Associate Professor English
silvio-torres-saillant-20190402-portrait-original-5389.jpg Silvio Torres-Saillant Dean's Professor English 315.443.9475

Part-Time Faculty

Christopher Brunt Chris Brunt Part-Time Instructor English
sean-conrey-portrait-orignal-2014.jpg Sean M. Conrey Part Time Instructor English 315.443.8392
photo-not-available.jpg Michael T Dillon Part-Time Instructor English
jules-gibbs.jpg Jules Gibbs Part-Time Instructor English
photo-not-available.jpg David Wojciechowski Part-Time Instructor English


Michael Burkard Michael Burkard Associate Professor Emeritus English
Steven Cohan Steven Cohan Dean's Distinguished Professor Emeritus English 315.443.2173
arthur-flowers-portrait-medres.jpg Arthur Flowers Associate Professor Emeritus English 315.443.2173
photo-not-available.jpg Amy Lang Professor Emerita English