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Undergraduate Awards - WGS

Jamie Klemczak Undergraduate Service Award

The Jamie Klemczak Undergraduate Service Award recognizes the service of a SU Women's & Gender Studies major or minor who embodies Ms. Klemczak’s community minded aesthetics and has contributed to feminist education on campus or in the local community. Jamie Klemczak was a WGS major (Class of 2010) who died a few months before she was due to graduate.

Past Winners

  • 2022: Tamia Denise Parsons
  • 2021: India Rowena Miraglia
  • 2020: Jo Johnson
  • 2019: Lorena M. Kanski
  • 2018: Kai R. Breaux
  • 2017: Hannah-Abigail Heyaqi Mosier
  • 2016: Koy Ian Adams
  • 2015: Kimberly E. Powell
  • 2014: Erin Genevieve Carhart
  • 2013: Rachel Lee Sayer
Marguerite Fisher Undergraduate Paper Prize

The Marguerite Fisher Undergraduate Paper Prize recognizes excellence among Women’s and Gender Studies undergraduate students. Selected papers demonstrate an exceptional grasp of gender analyses and/or feminist theory. Marguerite Fisher earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Syracuse University in 1941 and was soon hired as a faculty member in that department. She became the first woman in The College of Arts and Sciences to achieve the top rank of Full Professor in Political Science. She was credited with teaching one of the first university level courses in women’s studies in the United States titled “Women in American Democracy.”

Past Winners

  • 2022: Erin K. Wisard, "On the origin of language: A feminist analysis of ableism and speciesism as they relate to dominant feminist discourses"
  • 2021: Erin S. Susko, “Israeli Necropower and the Death and Afterlife of Ahmad Erekat”
  • 2020: Hanna Seraji, “Diaspora Voices: Forough Farokhzad’s Theory & the Teachings of Iranian Feminist Diasporic Narratives”
  • 2019: Hannah L. Gross, " Saudi Arabia and State Feminism”
  • 2018: Erin Christopher "Killing Me Softly: The Effects of Hip-Hop Culture on Black Women's Sexuality"
  • 2017: Farrell Greenwald Brenner "Archival Transcryptions: Decoding Mediations of Holocaust Testimony"
  • 2016: Hasmik Djoulakian “Who is ‘Us’?: Unpacking the Institutional Power and Neoliberal Logics behind ‘It’s on Us'”
  • 2015: Molly Anne Mendenhall “Exist and Resist: Reclaiming the Pueblo Through the Body”
  • 2014: Erin Genevieve Carhart “A Feminist Manifesta: Activist Meets Researcher”
  • 2013: Nira Pandya “An Internal Critique of ‘The Missing’ in the Indian Context: A Juxtaposition of Stories”