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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Biology graduates recognized for excellence

Forty-two graduates receive awards

April 25, 2011, by Judy Holmes

Forty-two graduating biology and biochemistry majors were recognized for their achievements in scholarship and research during the annual Undergraduate Research Conference and Awards Ceremony, hosted by the Department of Biology in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences in April.

The awards ceremony included the presentation of the department’s highest honor to a graduating senior, the Donald G. Lundgren Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Research. Lundgren was the first chair of the Department of Biology.  Nathaniel J. Miska, a biochemistry major, will receive this year’s award.  During his undergraduate career, Miska has worked in the laboratory of Mathew Maye, assistant professor of chemistry, conducting research on bio-functionalized nanomaterials. Miska, who co-authored several peer-reviewed research papers with Maye, has also been a 2010 recipient of the national Astronaut Scholarship Foundation award, which is presented to the top science and engineering students in the country.

Thirteen graduating biology and biochemistry students received a Certificate for Academic Achievement for earning a GPA of 3.7 or above; 19 students received a Certificate for Research Achievement for significant achievement in research conducted with a faculty mentor; and nine students received a Certificate for Scholarship and Research for a graduating GPA of 3.7 or above and achievement in research with a faculty mentor. Additionally, 13 of the students receiving awards will graduate on May 15 with a degree in biology or biochemistry with Distinction. Students earning this honor have participated in research with a faculty mentor for at least two years and have written a thesis about their work. 

In addition to Miska, the students honored during the program are:

Certificate for Academic Achievement
Daniel D. Fernandez       
Marissa F. Gobuty       
Cassidy S. Henneman   
Lua A. Jafari           
Sundus S. Mian       
Lauren C. Monoxelos       
Paige N. Mullins       
Aaron J. Roy           
Colin P. Shea           
Yanina Tovpeka, (graduating with Distinction)   
Jesse S. Turiel       
Emily L. Williams       
Sarah D. Zuckerman   

Certificate for Research Achievement 
Jennifer E. Benner   
Brian R. Birnbaum       
Tess A. Cherlin
Moira R. Concannon   
Tony H. Gao       
Joseph W. Gervasio   
Christina I.Giovinazzo
Katelyn M. Heim (graduating with Distinction)   
Eugenia A. Im (graduating with Distinction)   
Joanna C. Kurman (graduating with Distinction)   
Alyssa C. Lau (graduating with Distinction)   
Kristina Martimucci (graduating with Distinction)   
Uchenna J. Mbawui   
Lynaya R. Morris   
Marisol A. O’Neill (graduating with Distinction)     
Jennifer Roscoe (graduating with Distinction)
Young H. Son    (graduating with Distinction)   
Carey A. Stuart   
Victoriya Zlamanyuk   

Award Certificate for Scholarship and Research Achievement
Elizabeth F. Barone    
Erica J. Brenner   
Kyle J. Fahey       
Elizabeth A. Gengo   
Guang Yu Lee (graduating with Distinction)   
Qi Wen Li (graduating with Distinction)       
Jamison D. Patak   
Lyuba E. Polinkovsky (graduating with Distinction)   
Sarah K. Wendel (graduating with Distinction)