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Johanna Bermudez

Johanna Bermudez

Johanna Bermudez

Graduate Student (ENG)


401 Hall of Languages

Began PhD program in 2021
Concentration: American Literature
Advisor: Chris Forster

Johanna Bermudez (she/her) began the PhD in 2021 and her primary research interests include Contemporary Latinx Literary and Visual Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, and African American and Latina/o relations. While her scholarship is most concerned with ways marginalized groups experience erasure, silencing, trauma, and racial violence, her other scholarly interests include performance studies, transnational feminism, migration and diaspora studies, and human rights. Her teaching interests include Afro-Latinx Literature and Pop Culture.

B.A. English Rhetoric, Binghamton University
M.A. English Literature, Binghamton University