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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

M.S. in Physics

Master's Degree in Physics

A minimum of 30 credits is required for the Master's Degree (M.S.). All of these must be in courses numbered 500 and above.

These courses must include:

PHY 581: Methods of Theoretical Physics I

PHY 614: Graduate Laboratory  or PHY 651: Modern Instrumentation

PHY 621: Classical Mechanics 

PHY 641: Advanced Electromagnetic Theory I

PHY 661: Quantum Mechanics I

PHY 662: Quantum Mechanics II

A B average in course work must be maintained for the student to be eligible for the degree.

The degree can be obtained in any of three ways:

Note: not more than one semester of PHY 690 or 990 (3 credits each) can count towards a Master's degree.

It is up to the student whether she/he wishes to obtain a Master's degree in route to the Ph.D. As can be seen from the above requirements, obtaining the Master's degree need not require any coursework or projects outside of that required for the Ph.D. There is, however, some paperwork to be filled out. Students interested in a Master's degree should contact Prof. Mitchell Soderberg ( about this as soon as soon as possible.