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The following is a chronological listing of our Ph.D. graduates. The biographical notes include most recent known position. Please send any updates and corrections by email.

Some of the Ph.D. dissertations are available through the Syracuse University Library: Mathematics and Mathematics Education.

Year Graduate Advisor Notes
2022 Christopher G. Donohue Leonid Kovalev

Dissertation: Distortion estimates for conformal maps predicated on geometric properties of a domain

2022 Tim Tribone Graham Leuschke

Dissertation: Matrix factorizations with more than two factors

Affiliation: Postdoc at The University of Utah

2022 Nathan Uricchio Jack Graver

Dissertation: Applications of powerset operators, especially to matroids

Affiliation: Postdoc at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

2021 Casey Necheles Claudia Miller and Stephan Wehrli

Dissertation: Odd annular Bar-Natan category and gl(1|1)

2021 Elahe Khalili Samani Lee Kennard

Dissertation: Free actions on cohomology Bazaikin spaces

Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

2021 Caleb McWhorter Steven Diaz

Dissertation: Torsion subgroups of rational elliptic curves over odd degree Galois fields

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, New York

2021 Muzhi Jin Yuan Yuan

Dissertation: Regularity of the d-bar-Neumann operator, the Bergman projection and the canonical solution operator of d-bar-equation

Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor University of California, San Diego

2021 Mkrtich Ohanyan Claudia Miller and Benjamin Briggs

Dissertation: Hochschild cohomology of short Gorenstein rings

2021 Nigar Altindis Nicole Fonger

Dissertation: Exploring the nature of the co-emergence of students’ representational fluency and functional thinking

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Post Doctoral Researcher, University of New Hampshire

2021 Alice Wu Lim William Wylie

Dissertation: N-Bakry-Emery Ricci curvature and N-quasi-Einstein metrics

2021 Erin Griffin William Wylie

Dissertation: Ambient obstruction solitons and homogeneous gradient Bach solitons

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University

2020 Laura Ballard Claudia Miller

Dissertation: Properties of the toric rings of a chordal bipartite family of graphs

2020 Joash Geteregechi Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Investigating middle school students' mathematical reasoning in a connected in-school and out-of-school context

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Ithaca College

2020 Earnest Akofor Leonid Kovalev

Dissertation: Metric geometry of finite subset spaces

2020 Grace Visher Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: An investigation of sixth-grade students' conceptualization of angle and angle measure: a design research study of a real-world context

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, The College of Saint Rose

2020 Rachel Diethorn Claudia Miller

Dissertation: Koszul homology and resolutions over commutative rings

Affiliation: Lecturer, Yale University

2019 Stephen Farnham Loredana Lanzani and Lixin Shen

Dissertation: Blaschke decompositions on weighted Hardy spaces and the unwinding series

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Elmhurst University

2019 Eric Ottman Claudia Miller

Dissertation: Homology over a complete intersection ring via the generic hypersurface

Affiliation: Visiting Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

2019 Erin Tripp Lixin Shen

Dissertation: Structured sparsity promoting functions: theory and applications

Affiliation: Research Mathematician, Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY

2018 Jennifer Edmonds Jack Graver

Dissertation: The structure of 4-clusters in fullerenes

2018 James Heffers Dan Coman

Dissertation: Lelong numbers and geometric properties of upper level sets of currents on projective space

Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

2018 Xiaoxia (Alice) Liu Lixin Shen, Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Implicit fixed-point proximity framework for optimization problems and its applications

Affiliation: Research Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2018 AnnMarie O'Neil Helen Doerr

Dissertation: Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers’ Learning through Designing Structured Exercises and Learner Generated Examples

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Valencia College, Orlando, FL

2018 Robert Roy Graham Leuschke

Dissertation: Auslander-Reiten sequences over Gorenstein rings of dimension one

Affiliation: Back End Developer at Harvest Savings & Wealth Technologies

2018 Victoria Wambua Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: An Investigation of Practices, Resources, and Challenges in Mathematical Word Problem Solving among Swahili-speaking African High School Bi-/Multilingual Students in the United States

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Hmong College Prep Academy, Saint Paul, MN

2017 Qian Huang Yuesheng Xu, Uday Banerjee

Dissertation: Stable sparse orthogonal factorization of ill-conditioned banded matrices for parallel computing

Affiliation: Software Engineer, LinkedIn

2017 Daniel Cuneo Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Mappings between annuli of minimal p-harmonic energy

Affiliation: Mathematics Teacher, Hamden Hall Country Day School

2017 Joshua Stangle Graham Leuschke

Dissertation: Representation theory of orders over Cohen-Macaulay rings

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Superior

2016 Krystal Barber Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Developing Mathematical-task Knowledge through Lesson Study

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department, SUNY Cortland

2016 Patrick Biermann Leonid Kovalev

Dissertation: Lipschitz geometry of Banach and metric spaces

Affiliation: Manager at PwC in Ulm, Germany

2016 Melissa DiMarco Dan Zacharia

Dissertation: Finite generation of ext-algebras of finite dimensional algebras and associated monomial algebras

Affiliation: Lecturer, SUNY Brockport

2016 Thembinkosi (Peter) Mkhatshwa Helen Doerr

Dissertation: Business calculus students' reasoning about optimization problems: a study of quantitative reasoning in an economic context

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Miami University (Middletown Campus), OH

2016 Jinxia Xie Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: An Investigation of US and Chinese Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Problem Posing when Interacting with Problem-solving Activities

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Mission Bay Senior High School, San Diego, CA

2015 Jeff McLean Helen Doerr

Dissertation: Eliciting Bootstrapping: the development of introductory statistics students' informal inferential reasoning via resampling

Affiliation: Teaching Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

2015 Feishe Chen Lixin Shen

Dissertation: Composite minimization: proximity algorithms and their applications

Affiliation: Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Uber

2015 Ben Cortese Hyune-Ju Kim

Dissertation: Change point detection and estimation in sequences of dependent random variables

Affiliation: Statistician and BI Consultant, KS&R

2015 Özcan Yazici Dan Coman

Dissertation: Extension of plurisubharmonic functions and dynamics of polynomial mappings

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey

2015 Khim Shrestha Eugene Poletsky

Dissertation: Poletsky-Stessin Hardy spaces on the unit disk

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of Great Falls, MT

2015 Claudio DiMarco Leonid Kovalev

Dissertation: Metric space invariants between the topological and Hausdorff dimensions

Affiliation: Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

2014 Leonard Kamau Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Technology adoption in secondary mathematics teaching in Kenya: an explanatory mixed methods study

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Lecturer, South Eastern Kenyan University, Kitui, Kenya

2013 Liang Zhao Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Filter-based multiscale entropy analysis of complex physiological time series

2013 Jeremy Entner Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Methods of nonparametric multivariate ranking and selection

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Martin, TN.

2013 S. Zeynep Kurşungöz (Ozal) Dan Coman

Dissertation: Extension properties of pluricomplex Green functions

Affiliation: Academic Support Program Leader at Sabancı University in Turkey, Turkey

2013 Dayal Dharmasena Eugene Poletsky

Dissertation: Holomorphic fundamental semigroup of Riemann domains

Affiliation: University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

2012 Kosmas Diveris Claudia Miller

Dissertation: Eventual vanishing of self-extensions

Affiliation: St. Olaf College, Northfield MN

Academic genealogy

2012 Elizabeth Hartung Jack Graver

Dissertation: The Clar structure of fullerenes

Affiliation: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams MA.

2012 Bridgette Jacob Helen Doerr

Dissertation: The Development of Introductory Statistics Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning and its Relationship to Formal Inferential Reasoning

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY

2012 Levi Molenje Helen Doerr

Dissertation: High school teachers' use of graphing calculators when teaching linear and quadratic functions

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Waldorf University

2012 Ashley Prater Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Discrete sparse Fourier-Hermite approximations in high dimensions

Affiliation: Research Mathematician, Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY

2011 Tom Bleier Steven P. Diaz

Dissertation: Excess Porteous, coherent Porteous, and the hyperelliptic locus in M3bar

Affiliation: Applied Research Mathematician

Academic genealogy

2011 Dana Olanoff Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Mathematical knowledge for teaching teachers: The case of multiplication and division of fractions

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Widener University, Chester, PA

Academic genealogy

2011 Tony Perkins Eugene Poletsky

Dissertation: Potential theory on compact sets

Affiliation: Senior R&D Computer Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM

Academic genealogy

2011 Marju Purin Dan Zacharia

Dissertation: Complexity over finite-dimensional algebras

Affiliation: Machine Learning Scientist at Microsoft in Tallinn Estonia

Academic genealogy

2011 Moises Venouziou Gregory Verchota

Dissertation: Mixed problems and layer potentials for harmonic and biharmonic functions

Affiliation: St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg FL.

Academic genealogy

2010 Cosmin Anitescu Uday Banerjee

Dissertation: On the convergence and superconvergence of the generalized finite element methods

Affiliation: Post-doctoral scholar at the Institut für Strukturmechanik, Bauhaus University - Weimar, Germany.

Academic genealogy

2010 Derek Gustafson Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Elliptic complexes and generalized Poincaré inequalities

Affiliation: Signal Processing Engineering Co., Buffalo NY.

Academic genealogy

2010 Xiaofei Hu Lixin Shen, Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: A total variation and spatially varying estimation model for image restoration

Affiliation: Associate Director of Statistics at AbbVie

Academic genealogy

2009 Christina M. Graves Jack Graver

Dissertation: On the structure of reliability polynomials

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Texas-Tyler

Academic genealogy

2009 Stephen J. Graves Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Growth of tessellations

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Texas-Tyler

Academic genealogy

2009 Yao Lu Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Fast multiscale integral equation methods for image restoration

Affiliation: Professor of Data Science, Sun Yat-Sen University

Academic genealogy

2009 Adam McCaffery Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Structure of infinitely-ended, edge-transitive planar maps and their Petrie walks

Affiliation: Applied Research Mathematician

Academic genealogy

2009 Guohui Song Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Approximation of kernel matrices and its applications

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Clarkson University

Academic genealogy

2009 Haizhang Zhang Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Sampling with reproducing kernels

Affiliation: Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

Academic genealogy

2008 Tomasz Adamowicz Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: On the geometry of p-harmonic mappings

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Academic genealogy

2008 Weixing Cai Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Multiple decision rules for equivalence among k populations and their applications in signal processing, clinical trials and classification

Deceased July 2008.

2008 Patrick Kimani Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Calculus students' understandings of the concepts of function transformation, function composition, function inverse and the relationships among the three concepts

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ

Academic genealogy

2008 Dong Mao Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Biological time series classification via reproducing kernels and sample entropy

Affiliation: Senior Engineer at Brion Technologies, San Jose, CA

Academic genealogy

2008 Francis Nzuki Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Investigating African American students' identity and agency in a mathematics and graphing calculator environment at a low-ses school

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Stockton University, Galloway, NJ.

Academic genealogy

2007 David S. Dickerson Helen M. Doerr

Dissertation: High school mathematics teachers' understandings of the purposes of mathematical proof

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, SUNY College at Cortland, Cortland, NY

Academic genealogy

2007 Allen Pelley Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: Representations of a valued quiver, the lattice of admissible sequences, and the Weyl group of a Kac-Moody algebra

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Bethune-Cookman University

Academic genealogy

2007 Dale William Struble Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Wavelets on manifolds and multiscale reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces

Affiliation: Quantitative Analyst, Schonfeld Securities, New York, NY

Academic genealogy

2006 Leah C. Bridgers Helen M. Doerr

Dissertation: Conceptions of continuity: an investigation of high school calculus teachers and their students

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: SUNY College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY.

Academic genealogy

2006 Elena Mihaela Buzaianu Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Selection procedures for binomial populations

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Statistics University of North Florida, Mathematics and Statistics Dept. Jacksonville, FL.

2006 Bulent Cetinkaya Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Recollected changes in mathematics teachers' beliefs and practices: perceptions and psychological type preferences

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Academic genealogy

2006 Yunchuan Gao Yuesheng Xu

Dissertation: Multi-category support vector machines

Affiliation: Orchard Asset Management, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Academic genealogy

2006 Nihat Gökhan Göğüş Eugene Poletsky

Dissertation: Continuity of plurisubharmonic and Perron-Bremermann envelopes

Affiliation: Faculty member, Sabanci University

Academic genealogy

2006 Philip Joseph Lynn Steven P. Diaz

Dissertation: Deformations of plane curve singularities of constant class

Affiliation: WW Knowledge Management, Hewlett-Packard, Nashua, NH

Academic genealogy

2006 Wei Ning Hyune-Ju Kim

Dissertation: A new approach for interactions in two-way ANOVA models

Affiliation: Associate Professor of Statistics, Bowling Green State University, Math and Statistics Dept. Bowling Green, OH

Academic genealogy

2005 Sebastian Burciu Declan Quinn

Dissertation: Representations of Hopf algebras

Affiliation: Researcher, Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in Bucharest.

Academic genealogy

2005 Markus Reitenbach Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: A homological approach to differentiation algorithms and dimensions for representations of partially ordered sets

Affiliation: Associate Professor of Mathematics, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

Academic genealogy

2004 Thomas John Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Selection procedures for lognormal populations

Affiliation: Part-Time Faculty, Syracuse University

Academic genealogy

2004 J. Travis Lee Steven P. Diaz

Dissertation: An extension of the Thom-Porteous formula to a certain class of coherent sheaves.

Academic genealogy

2003 Lynn Carlson Helen Doerr

Dissertation: Secondary teacher understanding of probability and sampling in context

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Retired from SUNY College at Oswego, Oswego, NY.

Academic genealogy

2003 Uma Subramanian Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Biting convergence of null-Lagrangians

Academic genealogy

2003 Roxana Ioana Zangor Adam Lutoborski

Dissertation: Numerical methods for smooth, detectable image pertubations

Affiliation: Manager, Technology Collaboration Office, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Academic genealogy

2002 Jennifer Bruce Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Bilinski diagrams and geodesics in 1-ended planar maps

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Maryville College, Maryville, TN

Academic genealogy

2002 Linda Rollin Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Selection and testing designs for selecting one among k normal populations, provided it is better than a standard

Affiliation: Biostatistician, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Instititute, Wallingford, CT

Academic genealogy

2002 Helene Tyler Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: (+)- admissible sequences and the preprojective component

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY

Academic genealogy

2001 Angeles Dominguez Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: College students' understanding of the concept of variable

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico

Academic genealogy

2001 Fozia Qazi Philip Griffin

Dissertation: Limit laws of modulus trimmed sums

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Islamic University of Science and Technology in Awantipora, Kashmir

Academic genealogy

2001 Rapti de Silva Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Improving teachers' learning and teaching of mathematics: a critical ethnography of a Sri Lankan program

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Academic genealogy

2000 Susana Davidenko Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Learning mathematics in English: ESL and non-ESL students' perspectives

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Retired from SUNY College at Cortland, Cortland, NY

Academic genealogy

2000 Andra J. Myers Helen Doerr

Dissertation: Understanding the mathematics perceptions of postsecondary mathematics instructors and students with learning disabilities

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Wellwood Middle School, Fayetteville, NY

Academic genealogy

2000 Jill Wiesner Douglas R. Anderson

Dissertation: A boundedly controlled finiteness obstruction

Affiliation: Hopkins School, New Haven Connecticut

Academic genealogy

1999 Raymond DeCampo Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Extending the Beltrami equation into higher dimensions

Affiliation: Chief software architect at Promergent, Syracuse, NY.

Academic genealogy

1999 James Kenneth Duah-Agyeman Patricia Tinto

Dissertation: Secondary mathematics teachers' understanding of mathematical functions

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Office of Multicultural Affairs, Syracuse University

1999 Kevin Ferland Gaunce Lewis

Dissertation: On the RO(G)-graded equivariant ordinary cohomology of generalized G-cell complexes for G=Z/p

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA

Academic genealogy

1999 Thomas Pfaff J. Theodore Cox

Dissertation: A mean field model for species abundance.

Affiliation: Professor, Ithaca College

Academic genealogy

1999 Max Minh Tran Uday Banerjee

Dissertation: Finite element spectral approximation

Affiliation: OhioLINK, Columbus Ohio

Academic genealogy

1999 Joseph S. Tripp Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: An investigation of changes in students' conceptions of mathematics and mathematics learning during participation in a reformed-based developmental mathematics course

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids, MI.

Academic genealogy

1998 Abdulsalam A. Almannaei Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: A study of degenerate elliptic partial differential equations

Affiliation: University of Bahrain

Academic genealogy

1998 Matthew Boelkins Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: On the spectral radius of positive operators

Ph.D. in College Science Teaching

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.

Academic genealogy

1997 William Hardin Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Comparing four different approaches to teaching limits

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Associate Professor, College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY

Academic genealogy

1997 Preety Nigam Tripathi Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Visualization in teaching undergraduate mathematics: a multicase study of teachers' perceptions and practices

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, SUNY College at Oswego, Oswego, NY

Academic genealogy

1996 Leonard Budney Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Regularity of A-harmonic forms.

Affiliation: Senior Developer, Grant Street Group, Pittsburgh, PA.

Academic genealogy

1996 Halil I. Celik Eugene Poletsky

Dissertation: Pointwise singularities of plurisubharmonic functions

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey

Academic genealogy

1996 Yachen Lin Chung Chen

Dissertation: Feed-forward neural networks-learning algorithim, statistical properties, and applications

Affiliation: Programmer/Analyst at SCB Computer Technology, Inc.

1996 Colleen K. McGraw Louis Heifetz

Dissertation: Exploring the mathematical paths students follow in high school and college

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor and Chair at Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

1996 Lakshmi Modali Steven P. Diaz

Dissertation: A uniform property for finite set of points in projective space

Affiliation: Assistant at University of Maine, Farmington, Maine.

Academic genealogy

1996 Mary K. Porter Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: The effects of writing to learn mathematics on conceptual understanding and procedural ability in introductory college calculus

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, Saint Mary's College, South Bend, IN.

Academic genealogy

1996 John M. Trimboli Louis Heifetz

Dissertation: A journey through numeracy: correlates of mathematical success at the collegiate level.

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor at Middle Georgia State University, Macon, GA

1995 Jean Riordan Howard Johnson

Dissertation: Effect of Persistence Time on Learner Achievement of Sequenced Mathematical Tasks

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

1995 Nkechi Madonna Agwu Howard Johnson

Dissertation: Using a computer laboratory setting (CLS) to teach college calculus

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York City, NY

Academic genealogy

1995 Ewa Anna Prus-Wisniowska Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Cognitive, metacognitive, and social aspects of mathematical proof with respect to calculus

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Deceased August 1995.

1995 Franciszek Prus-Wisniowski Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: General properties of functions of bounded lambda-variations

Affiliation: University of Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland.

Academic genealogy

1995 Hani Q. Khoury Joanna Masingila

Dissertation: Exploring perspectives about mathematics within the cultural context of a college algebra class at a community college: a case study

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor, Mercer University, Macon, GA

Academic genealogy

1995 John Junlue Zhang Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: An integrated approach to some ranking and selection problems

Affiliation: Assistant Professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PA.

Academic genealogy

1994 Laura Trasher Bernhofen Pinyuen Chen

Dissertation: Procedures for selecting the best experimental treatment with comparison to a control

Academic genealogy

1994 Qazi M Dawood Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: First-order elliptic operators on the complex plane

Affiliation: Senior Assistant Professor, Kashmir University, India.

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2018. Obituary

1994 May Hamdan Karl Barth

Dissertation: On the asymptotic values of analytic functions in the unit disk

Affiliation: Associate Professor at Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.

Academic genealogy

1994 Shashidhar Jagadeeshan Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: Stable Artin algebras

Affiliation: Centre for Learning, Bangalore, India.

Academic genealogy

1994 Pamela B. Pierce Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: On the preservation of certain properties of functions under composition

Affiliation: Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, College of Wooster, Wooster OH

Academic genealogy

1993 Peter C. Brown Dan Zacharia

Dissertation: Non-split extensions over hereditary Artin algebras of finite representation type

Affiliation: Senior Staff Programmer at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Academic genealogy

1993 Wei Chen Wu-Teh Hsiang

Dissertation: Cohomogeneity-two g-invariant minimal submanifolds, minimal cones and the Bernstein problem

Affiliation: Software Engineer at AT&T, G.I.S, Dreyden, NY

Academic genealogy

1993 Joseph G. Gaskin John Lindberg

Dissertation: Singly-generated closed subalgebras of the Banach algebra of twice continuously differentiable functions in a closed interval

Academic genealogy

1993 Chad Scott Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Lp theory of differential forms on manifolds

Affiliation: Professor, University of Wisconsin Superior, Superior, WI

Academic genealogy

1993 Brian Hualing Xing Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Interpolating polynomials convergence, approximation and the magnitude of coefficients

Academic genealogy

1991 Amita Agarwal Kishan Gopal Mehrotra

Dissertation: Asymptotic properties of regression estimates for invariate and multivariate normal distribution under type I censoring

Affiliation: Senior VP, Relationship Underwriting Executive at Bank of America

Academic genealogy

1991 Samer S. Habre Tadeusz Iwaniec

Dissertation: Second-order linear elliptic systems on the complex plane

Affiliation: Associate Professor and Chair at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Academic genealogy

1991 Murali K. Ranganathan Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: Endomorphism rings of non free, stably free ideals

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Barton College, Wilson, NC

Academic genealogy

1991 N. Paul Schembari Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Functions of generalized bounded variation, generalized absolute continuity and applications to Fourier series

Affiliation: Computer Science Department, East Stroudsberg University of Pennsylvania

Academic genealogy

1990 Vivian Anderson Sharon Senk

Dissertation: Women in engineering programs: a qualitative study.

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: SUNY Oswego

1990 Michael J. Enos John Troutman

Dissertation: Angular momentum optimization of rigid body trajectories

Academic genealogy

1990 Vincent E. Fatica Jack Graver

Dissertation: On edge-critical graphs and the notion of vortex independence in graphs

Affiliation: Part-Time Faculty, Mathematics Department, Syracuse University

Academic genealogy

1990 Robert Kantrowitz John Lindberg

Dissertation: Homomorphisms into Banach algebras of continuous vector-valued functions

Affiliation: Professor, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

Academic genealogy

1990 Carolyn Novak Rouviere Howard Johnson

Dissertation: A study to determine possible trends between students' problems and successes and instructors' and teaching assistants' usage levels and concerns stages implementing calculators into class

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

1990 Patricia Tinto Sharon Senk

Dissertation: Students' views on learning proof in high school geometry: an analytic-inductive approach

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: School of Education, Syracuse University

1989 Sutep Thongyoo Howard Johnson

Dissertation: A study of using microcomputer software to enhance calculus instruction

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Srinakharinwirot University (Bangkok, Thailand

1989 Gilbert A. Weinstein Demetrios Christo­doulou

Dissertation: On rotating black holes in equilibrium in general relativity

Affiliation: Ariel University, Israel

Academic genealogy

1988 David Herman Dezern Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Fourier series on Vilenkin groups

Affiliation: University of North Carolina, Ashville, NC.

Academic genealogy

1988 Ken H. Farrell Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: Solution of a congruence for a pair of polynomials with applications to certain convolutional operators

Deceased 1994

1988 Amir Foroudi Jack Graver

Dissertation: Mixed integer flow problems

Affiliation: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Academic genealogy

1988 Shekhar Rajagopalan Jack Graver

Dissertation: The multicommodity flow problem

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Birta Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India

Academic genealogy

1988 Eric F. Rieders Terry R. McConnell

Dissertation: Strong laws of large numbers for certain sequences and arrays of dependent random variables

Affiliation: President and CEO, NMS Labs, Willow Grove, PA.

Academic genealogy

1987 Melda Yaman Oruc Gaunce Lewis

Dissertation: On equivariant ordinary cohomology: equivariant Steenrod algebra

Affiliation: Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park, MD

Academic genealogy

1987 Brigitte Servatius Jack Graver

Dissertation: Planar rigidity

Affiliation: Professor, Mathematics Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Academic genealogy

1986 Lawrence A. D'Antonio, Jr. Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Functions of generalized bounded variation and summability of Fourier series

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Academic genealogy

1986 Vali Gorjizadeh Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: X-outer Galois theory for prime rings

Affiliation: Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran

Academic genealogy

1986 Pedro Isaza-Jaramillo Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Functions of generalized bounded variation and Fourier series

Affiliation: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin, Colombia.

Academic genealogy

1986 Aboubakr Lbekkouri Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: On cohomological dimension of modules and algebras

Affiliation: Universitè Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2011

1986 Rachid Lebbar Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: Convergence and super convergence of numerical solutions of weakly singular integral and differential equations

Affiliation: Owner of NtSoft (Morocco), professor at Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics, Casablanca, Morocco.

1986 Arifa K. Moin Howard Johnson

Dissertation: Relate effectiveness of various techniques of calculus instruction: a meta-analysis

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

1986 Herman J. Servatius Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: Graph groups

Affiliation: Adjunct Professor, Mathematics Department, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Academic genealogy

1985 Fernando Guzman Mark Kleiner

Dissertation: Cointegrations and cohomology for comodules

Affiliation: Professor, Binghamton University

Academic genealogy

1984 Surapon Vatanavigkit Howard Johnson

Dissertation: A personalized system of instruction in a mathematics course for Thai college students

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand

1983 Carl G.A. Droms Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: Graph groups

Affiliation: Professor, James Madison University

Academic genealogy

1982 Earl Cushman Burt II John Troutman

Dissertation: A theoretical and numerical analysis of the general Poisson-Boltzmann equation

Affiliation: SRC (formerly Syracuse Research Corp.)

Academic genealogy

1982 Michael Schramm Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Topics in generalized bounded variation

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Le Moyne College, Syracuse NY

Academic genealogy

1981 Glen Castore Jerome Blackman

Dissertation: Holonomy preserving deformations of connections.

Affiliation: Bridgewater Township, MN

1981 Tsegay Moges Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Zeros of successive derivatives of some entire functions of infinite order

Affiliation: Civil Engineering, California State University, Long Beach

Academic genealogy

1980 Wendy L. Duignan Carl Kohls

Dissertation: Matroids: constructions, classifications, and applications

Academic genealogy

Deceased June 2016. Obituary

1980 Gary Allen Frederici Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Zeroes and poles of Padé approximants

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2010.

1979 Steven K. Andrianoff Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: A modification of Nystrom's method for approximating the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of an integral operator

Academic genealogy

1979 Douglas Cashing Robert Exner

Dissertation: Transactional gestalt as it applies to the teaching of college level mathematics

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, St. Bonaventure University

Academic genealogy

1979 James Schatz Skip Mattson

Dissertation: On the coset leaders of Reed-Muller codes

Affiliation: Head of Milton S. Eisenhower Research Center and Science and Technology Business Area, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Academic genealogy

1979 John W. Van Horne Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: On the central limit theorem for theta series

Academic genealogy

1977 Sarah Brooks Robert Exner

Dissertation: Unknown

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

1977 Pierre A. von Kaenel Carlos Hartmann

Dissertation: The structure and properties of cyclic convolutional codes

Affiliation: Professor of Computer Science, Skidmore College

Academic genealogy

1976 Jenny Antoinette Baglivo Douglas R. Anderson

Dissertation: Equivariant wall obstruction theory

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Boston College

Academic genealogy

1976 John Kevin Doyle Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Graphical Frobenius representaions of abstract groups

Academic genealogy

Deceased June 2012. Obituary

1976 Kanat Durgun Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: The methods of repeated rank reduction and multiple correction for the numerical solution of the Fredholm integral equation of the second kind

Academic genealogy

1976 Michael J. Evans John Lindberg

Dissertation: Homomorphisms of Banach algebras and Banach modules

Ph.D. in College Science Teaching

Academic genealogy

1976 Melvin J. Friske Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: Growth and almost periodicity of Dirichlet series with random signs

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Academic genealogy

1976 Thomas M. McDonald Guy Johnson

Dissertation: Eigenfunction expansions of the wave operators in potential scattering theory

Academic genealogy

1975 Faruk F. Abi-Khuzam Albert Edrei

Dissertation: On the growth of various means of subharmonic and delta-subharmonic functions

Affiliation: American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

Academic genealogy

1975 Artin B. Boghossian John Troutman

Dissertation: Uniform approximation of continuous functions on open subsets of r^m

Affiliation: Retired, Toronto ON, Canada

Academic genealogy

1975 Joseph C. Hintz Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: Factorization of singular, second-order, linear boundary value problems

Academic genealogy

1975 Charles J. Leska Jack Graver

Dissertation: Applications of integer linear programming in combinatorics

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland VA

Academic genealogy

1974 Nabil Boulos Albert Edrei

Dissertation: The complete Padé table of series of simple fractions

Academic genealogy

1974 Elaine Cohen Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: On the degree of approximation of a function by partial sums of its Fourier series

Affiliation: Professor and co-Head, Geometric Design and Computation Group, School of Computing, University of Utah

Academic genealogy

1974 David Engles Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Bounded variation and its generalizations

Ph.D. in College Science Teaching

Academic genealogy

1974 Dennis M. Luciano David Lissner

Dissertation: Dimension theory in commutative algebra

Affiliation: Chair and Professor of Mathematics, Western New England University

Academic genealogy

1974 Brian B. Moore Luis Sanchis

Dissertation: Structure of the degrees of enumeration reducibility

Academic genealogy

1974 Arthur D. Shindhelm Daniel Waterman

Dissertation: Generalizations of the Banach-Saks property

Affiliation: Director of AI Laboratory at Western Kentucky University

Academic genealogy

1973 Hernando Bedoya Fernández Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: Fully inverting embeddings of commutative integral domains

Affiliation: Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Universidad EAFIT, Medellin Colombia

Academic genealogy

1973 Walter M. Patterson, III Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: A survey of iterative methods for the solution of a linear operator equation in Hilbert space

Affiliation: retired professor of mathematics at Lander University, Greenwood SC

Academic genealogy

1973 Gopaldas V. Shah John Lindberg

Dissertation: Differential extensions of f-algebras

Academic genealogy

1973 Carl B. Shepardson Philip T. Church

Dissertation: Hurwitz-Riemann formulas

Academic genealogy

1972 George William Ball James D. Reid

Dissertation: The schur index

Academic genealogy

1972 Ronald F. Barnes Guy Johnson

Dissertation: Bounded extensions of topological vector spaces

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Computer & Mathematical Sciences, University of Houston Downtown

Academic genealogy

1972 Leonora A. (Zobkiw) Benzinger Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: Uniformly distributed sequences on locally compact groups

Academic genealogy

1972 Alwin C. Green Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Connectivity of graphs which are either vertex transitive or else satisfy a certain path condition

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Buffalo State College, SUNY

Academic genealogy

1972 Margaret W. Groman Carl Kohls

Dissertation: Bimultiplication rings and ring extensions

Affiliation: Retired faculty and former chair of Mathematics, SUNY Oswego

Academic genealogy

1972 Agnes Chi-Ling Hsu Philip T. Church

Dissertation: The stretch of a differentiable map of Riemannian manifolds

Affiliation: National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada.

Academic genealogy

1972 Charles Dwight Lahr Lawrence J. Lardy

Dissertation: Approximate identities and multipliers for certain convolution measure algebras

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Academic genealogy

1972 Edmund A. Memmott Gerald T. Cargo

Dissertation: The segmental variation of holomorphic functions

Affiliation: Principal Rotordynamics Engineer, Dresser-Rand, Olean NY

Academic genealogy

1972 Neal J. Plotkin Larry C. Grove

Dissertation: Representations of finite groups in quadratic fields

Academic genealogy

1972 Shantilal Narbheram Shah Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Some problems in the theory of entire and meromorphic functions

Academic genealogy

1972 Robert L. Tyler Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: The lower central series of an associative ring with identity

Affiliation: Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Susquehanna University

Academic genealogy

1972 James W. Uebelacker Mark Watkins

Dissertation: Product graphs and the action of their automorphism groups

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, University of New Haven, West Haven CT

Academic genealogy

1971 Christine Belle Beaucage Philip T. Church

Dissertation: A proper PL map locally trivial in the domain is a PL fibre bundle map

Affiliation: Paraclete Publishing

1971 Regina Baron Brunner Robert Exner

Dissertation: The construction and construct validation of a reading comprehension test of mathematical exposition

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Academic genealogy

1971 Donald G. Hazlewood Hans-Egon Richert

Dissertation: Estimates for weighted sums over positive integers with few prime factors

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Texas State University San Marcos

Academic genealogy

1971 Edward R. Hogan David Lissner

Dissertation: Localizations in algebraic k-theory

Affiliation: Retired faculty, East Stroudsburg University

Academic genealogy

1971 Richard D. Järvinen Jerome Blackman

Dissertation: Finite and infinite dimensional linear spaces: a comparison

Academic genealogy

Deceased July 2011.

1971 Alexander J. Lindsay Jack Ucci

Dissertation: The Swan equivalence and its topological applications to ring theory

Affiliation: University of Virginia, Mary Washington College

Academic genealogy

1971 B. Arthur Miller Jacques Lewin

Dissertation: Adjoint groups and radical rings

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Mathematics & Computer Science, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick Canada

Academic genealogy

1971 John Nguthu Mutio Larry C. Grove

Dissertation: Frobenius groups

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics at Kenyatta University

Academic genealogy

1971 James F. Porter Guy Johnson

Dissertation: Herglotz theorem: partially ordered Schwartz distributions on the circle

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2005. Obituary

1971 Neil Nicholas Sider Jack Graver

Dissertation: Partial colorings and limiting chromatic numbers

Affiliation: Vice President, Information Technology, HOMEQ Corporation, Toronto Ontario Canada

Academic genealogy

1970 Said Abu-Zahra Albert Edrei

Dissertation: On local indicator and extension of Phragmen Lindelof

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Department, Salem State College, Salem MA

Academic genealogy

1970 Karl A. Beres James D. Reid

Dissertation: Infinite algebraic extensions

Affiliation: Ripon College, Ripon WI

Academic genealogy

1970 James Robert Case George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Extensions and generalizations of Jackson's theorem.

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Hiram College, Hiram, OH.

Academic genealogy

1970 Joseph M. Cavanaugh David Lissner

Dissertation: Projective modules over the ring of regular functions of the L-holed torus

Affiliation: Northern Illinois Univ., Dekalb, Illinois.

Academic genealogy

1970 John T. Daly John Lindberg

Dissertation: Liouville F-algebras

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, SUNY Oswego

Academic genealogy

1970 Philip Downum John Lindberg

Dissertation: Galois theory for Arens-Hoffman extensions of commutative Banach algebras

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus and former chair, Department of Mathematics, SUNY Oswego

Academic genealogy

1970 Joan Murphy Geramita Anne Lester Hudson

Dissertation: Automorphisms of some compact irreducible semigroups

Affiliation: Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

Academic genealogy

1970 Chin-Yeang Lim David Lissner

Dissertation: Global dimension of semi-primary rings

Deceased 2012.

1970 Clara Pui-Ping Lim Guy Johnson

Dissertation: The strong Markov property

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2009. Obituary

1970 Walter Pugh Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Frobenius groups

Deceased 1969.

1970 William H. Reynolds Carl Kohls

Dissertation: Demigroups and demirings

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1979.

1970 Clara Ann Sabel Richard T. J. Mahoney

Dissertation: S-rings

Academic genealogy

1970 Gary Sampson Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: Convolution inequalities

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Auburn University

Academic genealogy

1970 J. Richard Walker Philip T. Church

Dissertation: Monotone mappings and decomposition

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

Academic genealogy

1969 Frank M. Carrano Jr. Paul W. Gilbert

Dissertation: Investigation of multiple zeros of a polynomial

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston RI

Academic genealogy

1969 Ronald W. DeGray Peter Frank

Dissertation: Randomness and random number generators

Affiliation: Faculty Emeritus, Mathematics, St. Joseph College, West Hartford CT

Academic genealogy

1969 Daniel P. Doud James D. Reid

Dissertation: Dimension and chain decomposition of finite partially ordered sets

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2002. Obituary

1969 Alan Kaplan Anne Lester Hudson

Dissertation: I-semigroup topological properties and applications

Affiliation: Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Academic genealogy

1969 J. Douglas Moore James D. Reid

Dissertation: On purity in abelian groups

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Academic genealogy

1969 Nadine Hanson Moore David Lissner

Dissertation: Projective modules

Academic genealogy

1969 Sherman Delbert Riemenschneider George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Some properties of linear operators on Lp and Lorentz spaces

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, West Virginia University, Morgantown WV

Academic genealogy

1969 Richard Orr Hans-Egon Richert

Dissertation: Remainder estimates for squarefree integers in arithmetic progressions

Affiliation: Professor of Mathematics, Rochester Institute of Technology

Academic genealogy

1969 Ronald E. Prather Peter Frank

Dissertation: A categorical unification of automata theory

Affiliation: Caruth Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Computer Science Department, Trinity University, San Antonio TX

Academic genealogy

1969 Richard Summerville Guy Johnson

Dissertation: Univalent solutions of Beltrami equations

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus and former provost, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA

Academic genealogy

1969 Andrew Richards Wohlgemuth James D. Reid

Dissertation: Relations on submodules of a simple algebra

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, University of Maine, Orono ME

Academic genealogy

1968 Paul K. Blackwell Erik Hemmingsen

Dissertation: The classification of logic functions

Affiliation: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

Academic genealogy

1968 Anthony V. Geramita David Lissner

Dissertation: Structure of projective modules over rings of global dimension less than or equal to two

Affiliation: Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

Academic genealogy

1968 William D. Nathan Philip T. Church

Dissertation: Open mappings on manifolds

Affiliation: Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Temple University, Philadelphia PA

Academic genealogy

1968 Ki-Choul Oum Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Deficiencies of functions whose zeros have an angular density

Affiliation: Buffalo State College

Academic genealogy

1968 John A. Roulier George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Weighted approximation by polynomial monotone approximation, bounds coefficients of approximation polynomials

Affiliation: Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Academic genealogy

1968 Herbert Silverman Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Nevanlinna theory, or: applications of Polya peaks to tauberian theorems and meromorphic functions

Affiliation: Retired Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, College of Charleston, Charleston SC. President, Secular Coalition for America

Academic genealogy

1968 Allen Weitsman Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Asymptotic behavior of meromorphic functions with extremal deficiencies

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Purdue University

Academic genealogy

1967 Peter L. Antonelli Erik Hemmingsen

Dissertation: Structure theory for Montgomery-Samuelson fiberings between manifolds

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, University of Alberta

Academic genealogy

1967 Harold Edward Benzinger Jr. Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: Eigenfunction expansion for nth order nonregular boundary value problems

Affiliation: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Academic genealogy

Deceased June 1990

1967 D. Wayne Cassell David Lissner

Dissertation: Rings over which projective modules are free

Affiliation: Messiah College, Grantham PA.

Academic genealogy

1967 Geraldine C. Darden James D. Reid

Dissertation: On direct sums of cyclic groups

Affiliation: Hampton Institute, VA

Academic genealogy

One of the first African-American women to earn Ph.D. in Mathematics. Biography

1967 David A. Drake Erwin Kleinfeld

Dissertation: Neighbor collineations of Hjelmslev planes and extensions of affine Hjelmslev planes to projective ones

Affiliation: University of Florida

Academic genealogy

1967 Michael J. Kallaher Erwin Kleinfeld

Dissertation: On a class of Veblen-Wedderburn planes

Affiliation: Professor, Washington State University

Academic genealogy

1967 James Timourian Philip T. Church

Dissertation: Singular fiberings of manifolds

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta; President, innovotech

Academic genealogy

1966 Eleanor Green Dawley Jones James D. Reid

Dissertation: Abelian groups and their endomorphism rings, and the direct decomposition and quasi-endomorphisms of torsion free abelian groups

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA

Academic genealogy

One of the first African-American woman to earn Ph.D. in Mathematics. Biography

1966 Louis J. DeLuca George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Algebraic approximation and saturation classes

Affiliation: University of Connecticut

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1994. University of Connecticut Mathematics department established Louis J. DeLuca Memorial Outstanding TA Award

1966 Jesse Lewis Paul W. Gilbert

Dissertation: A computer study of permanents of n-square(0,1)-matrices in the class u(k,k)

Affiliation: Computer Center, Jackson St. College.

Academic genealogy

1966 James E. McKenna David Sprecher

Dissertation: Two different approaches to distributions and their interrelationships

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, SUNY Fredonia

Academic genealogy

1966 John T. Scheick George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Some problems in approximation theory

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

Academic genealogy

1966 Sandra Halleck Scheick Herbert John Ryser

Dissertation: Classes of matrices of zeros and ones

Affiliation: Professor, Tennessee State University.

Academic genealogy

1966 Nicholas J. Sterling Erwin Kleinfeld

Dissertation: On associator dependent prime rings.

Affiliation: Associate Professor Emeritus, SUNY Binghamton

Academic genealogy

1965 Paul Abramson Erik Hemmingsen

Dissertation: An analysis of topological characterizations of the dimensional concept

Affiliation: Professor, Dowling College, Oakdale NY.

Academic genealogy

1965 David T. Brown John Lindberg

Dissertation: On some aspects of the Are-Hoffman extension of Banach algebras

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY.

Academic genealogy

1965 Margaret Humm Kleinfeld Erwin Kleinfeld

Dissertation: On a class of right alternative rings with an idempotent not the identity

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa.

1965 Donnelly J. Johnson Paul W. Gilbert

Dissertation: Hilbert's problem thirteen, its ramifications for function theory

1965 Donald A. Lutz Wolfgang B. Jurkat

Dissertation: On the characterization of systems of linear differential equations with regular-singular solutions

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University.

Academic genealogy

1965 Thomas V. O'Brien Mark Mahowald

Dissertation: On the modified Postnikov tower

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University.

Academic genealogy

1965 Daniel F. Shea Jr. Albert Edrei

Dissertation: On the relations between the growth of a meromorphic function and the angular distribution of two of its values

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Academic genealogy

1965 Albert C. Vosburg George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Some topics concerning epsilon-entropy

Affiliation: Professional Staff, Inst. of Defense Analysis.

Academic genealogy

1964 Richard A. Brualdi Herbert John Ryser

Dissertation: Combinatorial aspects of the direct product of matrices

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Academic genealogy

1964 Douglas H. Crawford Vincent J. Glennon

Dissertation: Investigation of age-grade trends in understanding the field axioms

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Academic genealogy

1964 Cheong Seng Hoo Mark Mahowald

Dissertation: Homotopy groups of Stiefel manifolds

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Academic genealogy

1964 William L. Reddy Erik Hemmingsen

Dissertation: Expansive homeomorphisms and their relationship to transitive homeomorphisms

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Wesleyan University

Academic genealogy

1963 Malcolm J. Slakter Robert M. Exner

Dissertation: A comparison of the Pearson chi-square and Kolmogorov goodness-of-fit tests, measurements and statistics

Academic genealogy

1962 George F. Clements George G. Lorentz

Dissertation: Entropies and n-dimensional widths of set functions of bounded variation

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado - Boulder.

Academic genealogy

1962 Thomas S. Frank Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: Some analytic and algebraic aspects of quasigroups

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Le Moyne College

Academic genealogy

1962 Bruce B. Peterson Erik Hemmingsen

Dissertation: Formal contraction and some generalizations of convexity

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Middlebury College

Academic genealogy

1962 Norman Pullman Kai-lai Chung

Dissertation: On the number of positive entries in the powers of a non-negative matrix

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1999. Wikipedia

1962 Joseph M. Scandura Robert B. Davis

Dissertation: The teaching-learning process: comparative analysis of exposition and discovery modes of problem solving instruction

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania

Academic genealogy

1961 Simon Hellerstein Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Deficiencies of a meromorphic function and distribution values in angles and annuli

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Academic genealogy

1960 Taqdir Husain Mark Mahowald

Dissertation: On s-spaces and the open mapping theorem

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Academic genealogy

1959 Wibert Neil Prentice Otway Pardee

Dissertation: The mathematics of the undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1995.

1959 Elizabeth Wetherell Lipman Bers

Dissertation: Local behavior of solutions of elliptic systems of partial differential equations

Affiliation: Hunter College, CUNY, New York NY.

Academic genealogy

1958 Kap Byung Yoon Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: Algebraic Laplacian and discrete boundary value problems in a simpical complex

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Kyunghee University. Member, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Korea.

Academic genealogy

1957 May E.R. Kinsolving Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: On spaces suitable for Finsler geometries in the large

Affiliation: Ithaca College (until 1971)

Academic genealogy

1957 Luke N. Zaccaro Paul W. Gilbert

Dissertation: A problem-sequence development of introductory topology

Affiliation: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Academic genealogy

1956 Howard F. Becksfort Abe Gelbart

Dissertation: The existence of a solution to a functional equation arising from a fluid flow problem

Academic genealogy

1956 Rafael Chacon Kai-lai Chung

Dissertation: Some theorems on continuous parameter Markov chains

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia

Academic genealogy

1956 Wendell G. Johnson Robert M. Exner

Dissertation: A relation between high school and college mathematics grades

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2008. Hiram College news

1955 Edwin F. Gillette Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: On the four-vortex theorem and some of its generalizations

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2016. Union College news

1955 Roland F. Smith Robert M. Exner

Dissertation: An experimental comparison of two liberal arts courses in general mathematics at Syracuse University

Academic genealogy

1955 James Snover Albert Edrei

Dissertation: Approximation by rational functions which have their zeros and poles in preassigned regions

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2001.

1954 Sullivan G. Campbell Abe Gelbart

Dissertation: On a class of non-linear partial differential equations

Academic genealogy

1954 Charles S. Ogilvy Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: An investigation of some properties of asymptotics lines on surfaces of negative Gaussian curvature

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2000. Obituary

1954 Melvin Shader Charles Loewner

Dissertation: Some inequalities for axially-symmetric potential functions

Academic genealogy

1953 Leroy F. Meyers Charles Loewner

Dissertation: Certain transformations of Hermitian functionals

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1995. Biography

1953 Louis Robinson Walter R. Baum

Dissertation: An extension of the Kneser inequality to complexes and a generalization of the concept of the degree of a mapping

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1985

1952 Adnah G. Kostenbauder Arthur N. Milgram

Dissertation: Multiplicative semigroups of continuous functions

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Muhlenburg College

Academic genealogy

1952 Samuel Schecter Lipman Bers

Dissertation: Boundary value problems for the minimal surface equation

Academic genealogy

1951 Harold Hsiao-li Chang Lipman Bers

Dissertation: Approximately analytic functions of bounded type and boundary behavior of solutions of elliptic partial differential equations

Academic genealogy

1951 Robert S. Finn Abe Gelbart

Dissertation: On some properties of the solutions of a class of non-linear partial differential equations

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Academic genealogy

1951 Benham M. Ingersoll Paul C. Rosenbloom

Dissertation: On a problem of Cauchy type for linear hyperbolic equations

Academic genealogy

1951 Frank Pao-Ming Pu Charles Loewner

Dissertation: Some inequalities in certain non-orientable Riemannian manifolds

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1988. Biography

1951 Daniel Resch Charles Loewner

Dissertation: Some Bäcklund transformations of partial differential equations of second order

Academic genealogy

1951 Henry G. Rice Paul C. Rosenbloom

Dissertation: Classes of recursively enumerable sets and their decision problems

Academic genealogy


1951 James Sanders Abe Gelbart

Dissertation: Some classes of partial differential equations of the fourth order

1950 Jacob C. Dekker Paul C. Rosenbloom

Dissertation: The constructivity of maximal ideals in Boolean algebras

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2004. Obituary 1, Obituary 2

1950 Hasan H. Mostafa Abe Gelbart

Dissertation: On flows governed by simplified gas dynamical equations

Academic genealogy

1949 Helmut Aulbach Charles Loewner

Dissertation: Some geometrical inequalities for sets in Hilbert space

Academic genealogy

1949 Robert M. Exner Arthur N. Milgram

Dissertation: Surfaces invariant under motions

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1992. Biography

1948 Charles Titus Charles Loewner

Dissertation: A topological characterization of a class of affine transformations

Academic genealogy

Deceased 2011. Obituary

1921 Jung Sun unknown

Dissertation: Some determinant theorems

Academic genealogy

1920 Jason John Nassau unknown

Dissertation: Some theorems in alternants

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1965. MacTutor biography, Wikipedia article.

1920 Tsao-Shing Yang unknown

Dissertation: The moving trihedral associated with a triply orthogonal system of surfaces

Academic genealogy

1918 Josephine Robinson Roe unknown

Dissertation: Interfunctional expressibility problems symmetric functions

Academic genealogy

1911 Louis Lindsey unknown

Dissertation: The minors of a compound determinant

Academic genealogy

1910 Floyd Fiske Decker unknown

Dissertation: On the order of a restricted system of equations

Academic genealogy

1902 William Erastus Taylor unknown

Dissertation: On the product of an alternant by a symmetric function

Academic genealogy

1893 Levi L. Conant unknown

Dissertation: Unknown

Academic genealogy

Deceased 1916. Wikipedia article, Levi L. Conant Prize.

1887 David Eugene Smith unknown

Dissertation: Unknown

Academic genealogy

1884 Isaac J. Birchard unknown

Dissertation: Unknown

Academic genealogy

1884 Joseph Morrison unknown

Dissertation: Apparent orbit of the satellite of a superior planet

Academic genealogy

1881 Judson B. Coit unknown

Dissertation: Orbit for the double star in Cassiopiae

Academic genealogy