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Photo of Man at Chalkboard

Mathematics on Hot Streak

More than a third of the mathematics faculty have recently received major grant awards or international speaking invitations. They include Leonid Kovalev and Loredana Lanzani, recipients of National Science Foundation grants, and Uday Banerjee, department chair and speaker at the 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics in Barcelona, Spain. "They are inspired teachers, brilliant scholars, and engaged citizens committed to the success of the department," Banerjee says of his colleagues.

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Photo of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Legacy of Learning

A letter from Martin Luther King Jr. and a signed first-edition book by James Baldwin are just some of the artifacts on display at the MLK Jr. Memorial Library in Sims Hall. Part of the African American studies department, the library honors King's legacy by serving as a repository for scholarly inquiry into the black experience.

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Photo of Olivia Pek

Designing Woman

Olivia Pek '15, a double major in English and art history, is curating a show this spring at the University on women sculptors. Her training includes stints at SUArt Galleries and the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

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