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The Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Program (CCR)

Graduate Student Organizations

CCR Circle


Mission Statement

The CCRC is an organization composed of graduate students whose mission is to cultivate the best possible academic experience as they pursue the doctoral degree in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric (CCR). The organization is committed to enhancing the social, civic, academic, and professional aspects of CCR life. Our vision is to create a network that will benefit graduate students as they progress through the doctoral program and beyond, offering opportunities to build community, voice concerns, organize events, and participate in professional, civic, and social disciplinary activities. While the organization is primarily composed of CCR graduate students, any other interested graduate student or staff member of Syracuse University is welcome to participate.


  • To foster a professional and personal community within CCR and beyond, giving graduate students an opportunity to build relationships with each other, alumni, staff, and faculty.
  • To provide a forum for rhetorical action, developing alliances for enacting positive departmental and institutional transformation.
  • To provide introductory and welcome resources for incoming graduate students.
  • To build relationships between CCR graduate students and the larger communities of Syracuse and Syracuse University.

Contact the Co-chairs, André Habet and Alex Hanson ( for more information.

Rhetoric Society of America


The SU Rhetoric Society of America Chapter brings together scholars from the Composition & Cultural Rhetoric program and Communication & Rhetorical Studies department. This cross-disciplinary relationship allows us to expand our networks, engage different approaches to rhetoric scholarship, and foster a diverse and active community. We meet twice each semester for research colloquia, professional development sessions, and conversation.

RSA is the foremost (and fast growing) national organization for rhetorical scholarship that joins work on rhetoric being done in Rhetoric & Composition, Communication Studies, and English. Its influential biennial conference meets in even years and the RSA Institute meets during odd years. Our faculty and graduate students frequently attend both events, and a number of faculty from both sponsoring departments have led past Institute workshops.

The student membership fee ($50) is 45% off the regular rate and also includes:

  • a year's subscription to RSQ
  • discounted conference and institute registration rates
  • a 20% discount on rhetoric, communication, and study of language books at Oxford University Press
  • access to all the online organizational resources, including the Rhetoric Jobs directory

For more information, please contact:

Collin Gifford Brooke, Faculty Sponsor:

If you're interested in further information on various aspects of the organization, you can find it here:

RSA Website
Membership Info