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GEC Procedures

The following describes the typical lifecycle of a GEC consultation. While the unique details of your situation might lead to variations in these procedures, they will give you a good idea of what to expect. For more specifics, please see our policies.
You will:

  • Submit a request form
  • Receive an initial response from an editor by email in a day or two
  • Correspond with an editor by email or phone (or in some circumstances, in person) to discuss your goals and concerns and agree upon a completion date.
  • Email your document to your editor  [Note: If the document is degree bearing, you must also email your advisor/instructor informing him or her that you’ve contacted us. We will not edit until we see this email.]
  • Receive your paper on the agreed upon return date. Use Track Changes in MS Word to view edits.
  • Revise your document, and submit it to your professor/committee/publisher

Suggestions for a successful editing relationship

  • Share your goals, and concerns with your editors so that they can tailor the editing to your specific situation.
  • Be clear about time constraints and when you need your document back in order to make final revisions. Your editor, in turn, will tell you realistically whether or not your request can be met.
  • Remember that the changes your editor makes to your paper are suggestions. While your editor is highly knowledgeable about standard English usage, you are the expert on your subject-matter and your purpose for writing; whether or not to make each suggested change is up to you (for more information, please see GEC Policies).
  • Ask your editor for assistance if you have any questions about any of their comments or suggestions.
  • It might not be possible for you to work with the same editor every time you file a request with the GEC, but we will aim to honor such requests.
  • Familiarize yourself with MS Word’s Track Changes feature. All editing occurs electronically using this function. If you need help understanding how this works please let your editor know.