Orange Alert

Past International Student Events Archive

Location: Hall of Languages, Room 320

Time: 5 to 6pm

Feb. 2 Plan Your Career: CPT, OPT, Internship Credit, Employment, and more

Do you know you can earn SU academic credit for your internship work regardless of the internship location? Do you know you may receive financial support from SU once you secure an internship? Do you know you can choose whoever you want to talk to for career advice, from a database of over 700 SU alumni, starting your 1st year? Do you know CPT and OPT are not complex as you think, if you plan in advance? We bet you want to know more. Come to join us!

Feb. 9 Greek Life at SU

Are you curious about fraternities for men and sororities for women at SU? What is the purpose of these social organizations, and how can you be involved? Invited Greek life experts will share how Greek organizations help develop student leadership, philanthropy, community service, and strong bonds among like-minded students.

Feb. 16 What You Need to Know When Applying for Graduate School

Do you think you do not need to think about graduate school until the junior year? Incorrect! To get into a competitive graduate program, you must prepare early. Every institution/graduate program has its unique admissions criteria. How do you think which program fits your academic interest and professional needs the best? How can you make your application stand out? We will discuss all in this forum.

Feb. 23 How, when, and whom to Ask for Recommendation Letter

How will you feel if few people want to write recommendation letter to you when you apply for graduate school or employment? Why don’t they? Perhaps you are too late at developing professional relationship? How, when, and whom you may ask for recommendation letter? We will share best practices and tips. Please do not wait.

March 30 Sports at Syracuse University

College sports in the U.S. is a BIG deal, but why? How did it start and why it is so important for American universities and colleges? What is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)? What sports teams does SU have? Where are the student athletes from? Come to enjoy a conversation with a previous SU football coach!

April 6 Life after College: International alumni sharing

What will my life be like after SU, graduate school, employment, or something else? Which direction should I go? What principals should I be aware of when making a life decision? We will invite a panel of SU’s international alumni to share with you their life journey and the decision process they went through before graduation.

April 13 Inspiration from SU University Scholars

The Syracuse University Scholars are a group of eight to twelve academically outstanding graduating seniors every year. SU scholar is the highest undergraduate honor that the University bestows. We will invite one or two international SU scholars to share their study and life journey at SU and shed light on the scholar application process.