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International Student Events

CAS/MAX International Student Wednesday Forum Fall 2022

The International Student Wednesday Forum serves as a safe and welcoming space for international students to meet, learn, and share on a weekly basis. Forum topics are selected based on students’ feedback via survey, as well as reflection from academic advisers’ interactions with international students. Topics generally focus on areas that are most confusing and challenging to international students, for example, choosing a major, seeking academic support, searching internship, community engagement, American classroom culture, communicating with professors and advisers, etc. Forum facilitators are faculty, academic and career advisers, program directors, and student leaders. First year students are encouraged to attend at least 5 of the forums during the 1st semester to earn a Certificate of Excellence/Engagement Certificate of Excellence/Engagement

Location: Hall of Languages, Room 320

Time: 5 to 6 pm

Sept. 7

Plan Your Academic Year

Being organized is a good quality for a college student. The best way to get more organized is to write down a plan that you can stick with and complete. You do not want to get caught off guard when big projects come due. This Forum aims to help international students identify the essence of an academic plan, demonstrate the key components in an academic plan, and draft an academic plan for fall 2022 on the site. Invited student leaders will share experiences.

Sept. 14

Understand SU’s Academic Expectations and Learn How to Build Positive Relationship with Your Advisor

Understanding what SU’s academic terms mean and what academic deadlines are could prevent you from an unexpected catastrophe. For example, Add deadline? Withdrawal deadline? leave of absence? For international students, this understanding is even more important because your academic standing is related to visa status. In addition, how could you build a positive relationship with your academic and career advisor to receive feedback for succeeding in school? You will have an engaging conversation with advisors and student leaders during this event.

Sept. 21

How to Achieve High GPA and Boost Your Resume with Professional Skills

Why my final grade is not good even if I receive high marks in my exams? Why there is a grade for class participation? What should I do to achieve the best performance in my classes? Besides GPA, what professional skills should I acquire to boost my resume? Come to discuss your concerns with invited professor and academic and career advisor to learn strategies to obtain high GPA and how to integrate co-curricular activities into your study and life schedule.

Sept. 28

Learn How to Develop Positive Relationship with Your Professors and Build Network

Networking is a critical skill for college students to acquire for professional growth. Networking with faculty and advisor helps students gain advice and obtain tips for profession and life. Many international students express challenges of obtaining reference and recommendation letter from professors. We will have an invited faculty demonstrate to you how to develop and maintain a healthy and productive relationship with your professors. The Associate Director of Alumni Relations will also show you how to access SU’s incredible alumni network and expand your network.

Oct. 5

SU Academic Awards, Scholarship, Research opportunities, and Honors College

SU has many merit-based awards and opportunities to hard working students, for example, Success Scholar, Remembrance Scholar, University Scholar, research fellowship, etc. We will introduce those awards and opportunities to you and provide advice on how to achieve them.

Oct. 12

Strategies of Choosing Academic Major/Double Major/Minor/Micro-credential

Have you ever thought of pursuing two majors or one major with a minor? What is the rationale behind the decision? Have you heard of micro credentials? The global employment market is evolving quickly. What and how should you study to prepare for the future workforce? Join us for a powerful conversation with academic and career advisors.

Nov. 2

Career Advice from SU International Alumni

What will your life be like after SU? Graduate school, employment, or something else? Which direction should you go? What principles should you be aware of when making a life decision? What opportunities and challenges you may confront as an international student? We have invited a panel of SU international alumni to share their life journey and the decision process they went through before graduation. Join us!

Nov. 9

Campus job, Internship, and Experience Sharing from Economics and Psychology Upper-Class students

International undergraduate students can work on campus with 20 hours per week during the semesters and 40 hours at other times. Also, international students could have paid internship off campus after the 1st academic year of study. Those work experiences show your skills of balancing work and academics and communication. Come to learn how to win those opportunities. In addition, you will have an opportunity to interact with a few outstanding upper-class students in Economics and Psychology and learn from their experience and reflection.