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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Deadline for Dropping Classes and Switching to Pass/Fail Extended

Coronavirus Update: Deadline for Dropping Classes and Switching to Pass/Fail Extended

For undergraduate students transitioning from in-person instruction to online instruction, the deadline to drop classes and the deadline to switch the grading option to pass/fail has been extended to April 3. To drop a class, or to switch to pass/fail, you must secure the permission of your academic advisor. Here are some important details to consider before acting:

  • Dropping a class. Full-time undergraduate students may drop classes so long as they remain registered for 12 or more credits. Advisors will help students ensure that they will not jeopardize progress toward their degree by dropping one or more classes.
  • Switching to pass/fail. Specific rules for taking classes pass/fail vary. Generally speaking, undergraduate students may not take more than 24 credits pass/fail during their program of study. Your academic advisor will help you navigate any specific rules for the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Financial aid implications. Dropping classes and switching to the pass/fail grading option have potential consequences for financial aid. You must remain enrolled in at least 12 credits to maintain full-time status. If you opt for pass/fail grading and receive a “fail” grade, it could adversely affect your “satisfactory academic progress” for financial aid purposes. Before dropping below 12 credit hours or switching any classes to pass/fail, speak with your financial aid counselor to ensure that your financial aid is not affected in future semesters.

If you wish to drop a class, or convert to pass/fail, please notify your academic advisor by email. Your advisor will work with A&S staff, and the Office of the Registrar, to make the changes. You must act by April 3.