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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Religion Courses Fall 2019

Fall 2019

REL 102: Religion Today in a Globalizing World
MW 12:45-2:05 Dr. Joanne Waghorne

REL 108: Religion & Its Critics
MW 5:15-6:35 Mr. Jordan Loewen

REL 131: Great Jewish Writers (JSP/LIT/ETS 184)
TTh 11:00-12:20 Dr. Ken Frieden

REL 135: Judaism (JSP)
TTh 12:30-1:50 Dr. Zachary Braiterman

REL 142: Native American Religion
TTh 8:00-9:20 Dr. Philip P. Arnold

REL 156: Christianity
TTh 11:00-12:20 Dr. Marcia C. Robinson

REL 165: Discovering Islam (MES/SAS)
MW 5:15-6:35 TBD

REL 165: Discovering Islam (MES/SAS)
Online Online Dr. Tazim Kassam

REL 185: Hinduism (SAS)
TTh 11:00-12:20 Ms. Mallory Hennigar

REL 186: Buddhism
MW 2:15-3:35 Ms. Sara Swenson

REL 191: Religion, Meaning & Knowledge
TTh 5:00-6:20 Dr. Marcia C. Robinson

REL 200 U800: ST: Gender in Islam meets (MES 200/SAS 200)
Online online Dr. Tazim Kassam

REL 200 m001: ST: REL course
TTh 9:30-10:50 TBD

REL 200 m003: ST: Atheism & Agnosticism
MW 3:45-5:05 Dr. Gareth Fisher

REL 205: Ancient Greek Religion
TTh 2:00-3:20 Dr. Virginia Burrus

REL 242: Religious Issues in American Life
MW 3:45-5:05 Prof. Gustav Niebuhr

REL 246: Religion & Popular Culture
TTh 9:30-10:50 Dr. Biko Mandela Gray

REL 255: Psychology, Spirituality, Love & Ethics
TTh 2:00-3:20 Dr. Ernest Wallwork

REL 300: ST: Jewish Art: From Sinai to Superman (meets with JSP 300/HOA 300)
MW 3:45-5:05 Dr. Samuel Gruber

REL 301: Ancient Near Eastern Religions & Cultures
TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. James W. Watts

REL 320: Religion & Culture: Coming to America: Religion & Migration
MW 2:15-3:35 Ms. Aarti Patel

REL 326: Religion and Film
TTh 5:00-6:20 Dr. M. Gail Hamner

REL 338: American Judaism
TTh 3:30-4:50 TBD

HNR 340: Writing, Scripture, Law
MW 3:45-5:05 Dr. James W. Watts

REL 397: Grappling with Existence
W 5:15-8:00 Dr. Ernest Wallwork

REL 551/PHI: Ethics in the Health Professions
W 4:30-7:30 TBD

REL 600: ST: Issues in Black Critical Theory
W 9:30-12:15 Dr. Biko Mandela Gray

REL 601: Theories & Methods I
W 5:15-8:00 Dr. Zachary Braiterman

REL 610: Reading Plato's Symposium: Desire & Dialogue
M 9:30-12:15 Dr. Virginia Burrus

REL 621: Teaching World Religions
M 3:45-6:30 Dr. Joanne Waghorne

REL 698: Anthropology of Religion
TTh 3:30-4:50 Dr. Gareth Fisher