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Fall 2018 Religion Course Offerings

Posted on: May 2, 2018

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Announcing the Fall 2018 Course Offerings in the Religion Department.

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Our courses Religions of the World; Religion and its Critics; and Ectasy, Transgression, Religion challenge conventional conceptions by considering how religion works, what it does, and why it matters. Similarly, our traditions courses—such as HinduismJudaismChristianityIslam—seek to explode preconceptions in order to expand understanding. Many of our courses also address particular themes or issues, such as the role of religion in society with: Religion and Hip Hop; Is God Black? An Introduction to Black Theology; Ethics & Health Professions, Morality and Community; Religious Issues in American Life; and Indigenous Religions. Our courses address religion’s response to the atrocities of a not-so-distant past and an all-too-troubling present with courses like Holocaust, Memory, & Visual Arts, How Religion Makes Bodies, and Christianity and Sexuality. Inquiry plays a central role in Video Gaming and Religion. In two of our courses, one on Religion, Meaning and Knowledge and the other on Theories of the Self, inquiry is philosophical and theological. In our course on Psychology, Spirituality, Love & Ethics, it is psychological and practical. And in our courses on experience religion is explored in: Religion in Chinese Society, India’s Religions from Below, and Sacred Sites and Indigenous Peoples.. Last, but certainly not least, our courses also explore the scriptural and the literary, particularly in their performative capacity, as compelling ways to examine human being and becoming with courses such as Mythologies; The Bible in History, Culture, Religion; Great Jewish Writers; Yiddish Literature in Translation; Writing, Scripture, Law; Enchanting Words: Muslim Poets, Singers, Storytellers; and Modern Jewish Thought. The Department of Religion is multi-disciplinary. As such, it is a great resource for undergraduates who wish to construct rich and creative programs of study. Come and join us!