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Syracuse University Named Partnership Institution of the American Physical Society Bridge Program

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Posted on: Oct. 6, 2022

The College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Physics is pleased to announce that Syracuse University is now a Partnership Institution of the American Physical Society (APS) Bridge Program. This initiative was led by SU physics professor Jennifer Schwarz.

By accepting the University's membership as a Bridge Program Partnership Institution, APS recognizes that the physics department has “demonstrated commitment to working with diverse students and supporting them as graduate scholars.”

Through the Bridge Program, the APS is working to increase the number of physics Ph.D.s awarded to students from traditionally underrepresented groups by creating sustainable transition programs and a national network of doctoral-granting institutions. The Bridge Program also provides students with the opportunity to receive mentoring so that they can successfully complete Ph.D. programs, build and strengthen their professional networks, and explore new career paths.

The APS Bridge Program is a post-baccalaureate program lasting one to two years that provides students with research experience, advanced coursework, and coaching to prepare them for a graduate school application.