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Celebration of Life in Honor of Sheldon Stone to be Held October 7

Sheldon Stone

Posted on: Sept. 15, 2022

Syracuse University will hold a Celebration of Life service on Friday, October 7 to honor the life and legacy of physics Professor Sheldon Stone.

The ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel and can also be viewed online. It will begin with a special visual celebration of life and a mini-concerto. This will be followed by remarks from family, friends, and colleagues, highlighting both his personal life as well as his many accomplishments in science.

Stone was renowned as a particle physicist, and among just a handful of leaders guiding the design and use of enormous particle detectors operating at accelerator laboratories in New York, Illinois and Switzerland. There will be a number of prestigious speakers recognizing his accomplishments and addressing his life and science career, which were intimately intertwined.

The research at these laboratories led to the confirmation of the astoundingly successful “standard model” for explaining the properties of particles based on quarks. Stone also sought to illuminate the profound problems that remain. One is the paucity of antimatter compared to ordinary matter throughout the observed universe.

There will be several remarks to remember how important Sheldon’s contributions to this experiment were – from both students and leaders in the field of particle physics.

Sheldon is survived by his wife and close colleague Marina Artuso, also a professor of physics at Syracuse University, and his four children Jay, Rosalinda, Adam and Tamara.

The ceremony will close with a piano performance by Professor Walter Freeman.