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Biological nanopore-based sensor.

(Feb. 21, 2022)

(Bio)Sensing Protein Interactions

A team of A&S researchers have designed a highly sensitive sensor capable of identifying proteins in solution down to a single molecule.

Portrait of Kameshwar Wali.

(Jan. 27, 2022)

A&S Remembers Kameshwar C. Wali, Longtime Physics Professor and Friend of Both the Sciences and Humanities at Syracuse University

Wali, who taught at Syracuse for nearly 30 years, was a renowned theoretical physicist, author and humanist.

(Dec. 15, 2021)

Physics Student Highlights

Read about recent thesis defenses, awards and news highlights from students in the physics department.

(Dec. 15, 2021)

Faculty and Staff Highlights

Read about new faculty, promotions, awards and media highlights from the Department of Physics.

(Dec. 15, 2021)

Undergraduate Bio: Leaders of the Society of Physics Students

As leaders of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), Matthew Cufari ‘23 and Daniel Paradiso ‘22 have worked to build a better undergraduate community in the department of physics at Syracuse University.

Jennifer Ross

(Dec. 15, 2021)

Letter from the Chair

A message from Jennifer Ross, professor and chair of physics.

(Dec. 15, 2021)

Reaching Out: Grad Students Inspire and Teach Local High Schoolers

Merrill Asp and Sarthak Gupta successfully demonstrated their rheometer before groups of kids from local high schools in an outreach program funded by the New York State branch of the American Physical Society.

(Dec. 14, 2021)

Physicist Britton Plourde Awarded Brookhaven National Laboratory Grant

Plourde's grant will fund his work to model physical processes that degrade the performance of superconducting quantum circuits.