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Syracuse Philosophy Annual Workshop and Network SPAWN is the Syracuse Philosophy Department's annual summer conference. This series continues a tradition that started with "Metaphysical Mayhem" and continued with the "Syracuse Workshop" series. Each conference will focus on a particular topic, beginning with the 2005 workshop on consciousness. "Read-ahead" papers will be invited from younger participants, with comments being delivered by more senior participants. Sessions will consist of brief remarks by a commentator and then an hour or more of discussion among all participants. In order for this format to work, the group must remain quite small.

SPAWN Conferences

SPAWN 2022: White Supremacy, misogyny, and the 'new' terrorism (June 23-25, 2022)
Ancient Greek and Classical Arabic Psychology (August 13-15, 2018)
First-Order Metaphysics (June 26-28, 2017)
Well-Being (July 25-27, 2016) - SPAWN Poster
10th Anniversary SPAWN Conference - Consciousness (July 29-31, 2015)
Philosophy of Disability (June 7-9, 2014)
Transparency of Mind (August 14-16, 2013)
Normative Realism (August 14-16, 2012)
Philosophy of Language (August 8-11, 2011)
Metaphysics (July 24-28, 2010)
Nature & Purpose in Early Modern Philosophy (August 9-11, 2009)
Perception (August 16-18, 2008)
Practical Reason (July 29-31, 2007)
Value (July 16-18, 2006)
Consciousness (July 28-30, 2005)