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Graduate Students Are Active on the Conference Scene

Posted on: July 23, 2020

Rose Bell presented their paper “Inside and Out: Ascriptivism About Gendered Traits” at the following conferences:

- MAPWorks (Minorities And Philosophy Spring Workshop Series), Columbia University, Manhattan, NY, April 2019.

- Liberating the Future: Concordia GSPA Spring 2019 Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, March 2019.

- SWIPShop (Society for Women in Philosophy Workshop), Baruch College, Manhattan, NY, February 2019.

- Social Ontology 2018, Tufts University, Boston, MA, August 2018.

Ben Cook was one of a small number of scholars invited to participate in the 2019 Jack Miller Summer Institute. The Institute was a weeklong series of talks, discussion groups, and lectures in Philadelphia on the subject of America in the Republican Tradition.

Lorenza D’Angelo presented the following:

- “Getting Acquainted with Our Emotions,” American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Chicago February 2020

- “Emotional Experience and the Senses,” Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Western University, June 2019

- “Aesthetic Experience and the Senses,” American Society for Aesthetics, Eastern Division, Philadelphia, April 2019

- “Non-Sensory Experience and the Nature of Pleasure and Pain” American Philosophical Association, Central Division, Denver, February 2019, and Canadian Philosophical Association, University of Quebec at Montreal, June 2018

- “Non-Sensory Phenomenology and the Theory of Well-Being” Society for Philosophy and Psychology, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, July 2018

- “The Pleasures of Art” (Invited), Humanities Center, Syracuse University, January 2019

- “The Experience of Non-Sensory Pleasure” (Invited), Institut Jean Nicod, École Normale Supérieure Paris, November 2018


- On “Advancing Imagination: Perceptual Illusions in Film” by Sydney Harvey, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, Philadelphia, January 2020

- On “Non-Standard Emotions and Aesthetic Understanding” by Irene Martinez Marin, American Society for Aesthetics, Annual Meeting, Phoenix, October 2019

Huzeyfe Demirtas presented the following:

- “Moral Responsibility Is Not Proportionate to Causal Responsibility,” 94th Joint Session of the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society, July 2020; and APA Eastern Division, Jan 2021

- “Causal Contributions and Moral Responsibility,” AGENT, Ethics and Normativity Talks, University of Texas at Austin, Nov 2019

- “Against Proportionality Luck,” International Conference on Ethics, University of Porto, June 2019; and at 20th Annual Pitt-CMU Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University, Mar 2019

- “Stocker’s Schizophrenia, Alienation, and a Solution,” Fundamentality in Philosophy, The 7th International Philosophy Graduate Conference, Central European University, Budapest, Apr 2018

- “Against Reliabilism: In the Face of Skepticism,” Northwest Student Philosophy Conference, Western Washington University, May 2017

Adam Patterson presented the following:

- Upcoming. “Getting All Emotional About Being Dead,” Fourth Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Philosophy of Death and Dying: Melbourne, Australia.

- 2020. “Avoid Avoiding the Wishful Thinking Problem,” American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting: Symposium. Philadelphia, PA.

- 2019. “Getting All Emotional About Being Dead,” The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion’s 13th Conference, Death and Immortality. Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.

- 2019. “Avoid Avoiding the Wishful Thinking Problem,” Meeting of the North Carolina Philosophical Association.

- 2018. “Avoid Avoiding the Wishful Thinking Problem,” Philosophy in Progress Conference, University of Nottingham.

- 2018. “A Canonical Test For A Canonical Semantics?,” 2018 Joint Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy and the North Carolina Philosophical Society.

- 2017. “Epistemic Slurs,” American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting: Symposium. Savannah, GA (paper accepted, could not attend).

- 2016. “Epistemic Slurs,” Meeting of the South Carolina Society for Philosophy Biennial Joint Meeting with the North Carolina Philosophical Society.