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Faculty Engage on Public and Professional Issues

Posted on: July 23, 2020

Professor Sam Gorovitz

Sam Gorovitz, Professor of Philosophy, published an article on the importance of interdisciplinary mentoring in Inside Higher Ed (together with Cathryn R. Newton and Joseph J. Fins)

Gorovitz was also featured recently on the Syracuse University main website in connection to a popular, long-running Honors course of his called “Beautiful Minds”

Gorovitz also reflects on the importance of dialogue in the midst of crisis and protest at


Janice Dowell, Professor of Philosophy, and David Sobel, Irwin and Marjorie Guttag Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy, co-authored a two-part series on sexual harassment in philosophy. It was published at well-known philosophy blogs PEA Soup and Daily Nous. The second part argued for some practices we might adopt to improve the situation, and was co-signed by over 140 philosophers.