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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Peter K Cattaneo

Cattaneo portrait

Department Technical Support

Research Analyst - Lacustrine Rift Basin Research Group

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Science Teaching

005A Heroy Geology Laboratory


Professional Experience

Research Analyst  11/98 to Present
Syracuse University
Department of Earth Sciences
Syracuse, New York
Computer system maintenance and troubleshooting
Geophysical data preparation for Interpretation (SeisWorks)
Geophysical field service and field logistics
Preparation of research results and deliverables
Laboratory management

Geological Research Technician 9/94 to 10/98
The University of Miami
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Miami, Florida
Acquisition and processing marine single and multi-channel seismic data
Unix system Administration
Fieldwork preparation
Promax and Landmark

Geological Research Technician 2/94 to 9/94
Duke University Marine Laboratory
Nicholas School of the Environment
Beaufort, North Carolina
Acquisition and processing marine single and multi-channel seismic data
Fieldwork preparation

Geologist 5/93 to 9/93
United States Geological Survey
Coastal and Marine Geology
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
N.A.G.T. (National Association of Geology Teachers) internship
Worked with marine geologist processing single and multi-channel seismic data
Gained field experience on a cruise off the coast of New York collecting and preparing sediment samples for geological analysis
Full-time GS-5 position

Field Experience

  • Walker Lake, Nevada, Piston coring
  • Walker Lake, Nevada, CHIRP survey
  • Lake Kivu, Rwanda, Piston coring, 2013
  • Lake Kivu, Rwanda, MCS survey, 2012
  • Lake Kivu, Rwanda, CHIRP survey, 2011
  • Lake Turkana, Kenya, CHIRP and Coring survey, 2010
  • Lake Albert MCS survey, Uganda, April and September 2003
  • Lake Malawi site survey, Malawi, November-December 2001
  • Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana, June 2000
  • Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana, January 2000
  • Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana, November-December 1999
  • Lake Tanganyika Carbonate Study: Tanzania, January-February 1997
  • IDEAL (International Decade for the East African Lakes), Lake Victoria, Uganda February-March 1995
  • Lake Malawi Fan Study: Malawi, January-February 1995
  • Field Camp: The University of Kansas Field Camp, Canon City, Colorado, summer 1992


B.S. Geology - University of Kansas - 1993