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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Maria Junttila Carson

Maria Carson, Profile Photo

PhD Candidate, Critique, Image, and Politics


514 Hall of Languages


  • Degree: Began Ph.D. program in 2012
  • Concentration: Critique, Image, and Politics
  • Advisor: Zachary Braiterman

Began Ph.D. program in 2012. (B.A., Religious Studies, DePaul University, 2009; B.F.A. Theatre Management, DePaul University, 2009; M.A., The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 2012.) Interests: modern Jewish philosophy Jewish subjectivity with relation to race, gender, and sexuality; Zionism and Jewish Diasporism; Mordecai Kaplan and Kaplanian Judaism; dramatic, performance, and ritual theory; spatial theory; contemporary Jewish movements; Jewish feminisms.