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Jordan Brady Loewen

Jordan Brady Loewen

Jordan Brady Loewen

PhD Candidate, Critique, Image, and Politics



  • Degree: Began Ph.D. program in 2015
  • Concentration: Critique, Image, and Politics
  • Advisor: Zachary Braiterman

As a graduate student, Jordan’s work has focused on examining how virtual reality is reconfiguring embodiment and subjectivity in the 21st century. Doing this work exposes the transversality of virtuality, new media, embodiment, and the religious imaginary of current techno-digital culture and scholarship – and allows for theorizing the virtual as already inhabited by explicit and implicit models of religious consciousness. The primary tracks of his research include:

  • Investigating the rhetoric of “religious experience” in Christianity broadly and 20th century American Christianity more specifically, which sets the stage for how the same rhetoric is used in contemporary techno-digital cultures.
  • Employing critical, political, and religious theory while generating a narrower space of particularity in aesthetics in order to interrogate the virtual and affective spaces and images of religion in new media.
  • Articulating new ways of theorizing the virtual that asks questions of materiality, subjectivity, and culture differently than the traditional rhetoric of religion and new media.

Ultimately, his work seeks to locate ways of thinking about bodies, images, and subjectivity within the study of religion that opens up space for rethinking new media as a religious subfield. This allows for interrogations of the ways new media images act as a kind of techno-religious synesthesia that provides new understandings of the embodied experiences of virtual reality technologies.

Before attending Syracuse, he received my B.A. From the Ohio State University in Film and Literature and an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary.