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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Mark E. Ritchie




436 Life Sciences Complex


Research Interests

Biodiversity; plant-herbivore interactions; environmental science


  • Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1987
  • Postdoc, University of Minnesota, 1989-1990


  • BIO 115 Environment and Society
  • BIO 428 Environmental Science Capstone
  • BIO 688 Readings in Biodiversity

Interdisciplinary Programs

Faculty member, Environmental Science Program at SU


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Cross-Site Research: Effects of different-sized herbivores on nitrogen cycling in grasslands
  • NSF, Long-Term Ecological Research: Biodiversity, disturbance and ecosystem functioning at the prairie-forest border
  • State of Utah, Endangered Species Mitigation Fund: Research towards recovery of the Utah Prairie Dog

Selected Publications

  • Ritchie, M.E. 2002. Competition and coexistence in mobile animals. Pages 127-141 In: Sommer, U. and B. Worm (editors), Competition and coexistence. Springer, Berlin.
  • Haskell, J.H., M.E. Ritchie, and H.Olff. 2002. Fractal geometry predicts varying body size scaling relationships for mammal and bird home ranges. Nature 418: 527-530. [PDF]
  • Pitt, W.C. and M.E. Ritchie. 2002. Influence of prey distribution on the functional response of lizards. Oikos 96:157-163.
  • Olff, H., M.E. Ritchie, and H.H.T. Prins. 2002. Global determinants of diversity in large herbivores. Nature 415: 901-904.
  • Olff, H. and M.E. Ritchie. 2002. Fragmented nature: consequences for biodiversity. Landscape and Urban Planning 58: 83-92.