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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Janis Mayes

Associate Professor Emerita

African American Studies

Women's and Gender Studies

203 Sims Hall


Research and Teaching Interests

African and Diaspora literatures in French and English languages, International Black women's writing and critical theories; Toni Morrison; Literary translation practice and studies.


Selected Publications

Toni Morrison: Au-Dela du visible ordinaire/ Beyond the Ordinary Visible (with Kekeh-Dika and Graham), L’Imaginaire du Texte, Presses Universitaire de Vincennes, 2015.

A Rain of Words: A Bi-lingual Anthology of Women's Poetry in Francophone Africa (editor, Irene d'Almeida), CARAF Books, University of Virginia Press, 2009.

-- Audio: Five (5) Translations from A Rain of Words featured during special series organized by the Scottish library featuring poems from every single nation competing in the 2012 World Olympics held in London.

The Blind Kingdom (Le Royaume Aveugle) by Véronique Tadjo, Ayebia Clarke Publishers, 2008.

Mapping Intersections: African Literature and Africa's Development ( with Anne Adams). Africa World Press, 1998

The City Where No One Dies (La Ville Où Nul Ne Meurt) by Bernard Binlin Dadie. Lynne Reinner Publishers, 1986.


Fulbright Scholar & Visiting Professor : Cheikh Anta Diop Université de Dakar; Université Nationale de Cote d’Ivoire (Cocody)

International Program SU-Abroad, Founding Director: Paris Noir: Literature, Art and Contemporary Life in Diaspora, 2000-

Former Member, Texts and Translations Publications Committee, Modern Language Association

Former President, African Literature Association

Editorial Boards, JALA ( Journal of the African Literature Association); Présence Africaine