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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Brian K. Martens

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505 Huntington Hall



Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Martens' work focuses on translating findings from basic operant research into effective school-based interventions, functional assessment and treatment of children's classroom behavior problems, and the instructional hierarchy as a sequenced approach to skill training. He teaches courses in applied behavior analysis, school consultation, and measurement.

Representative Publications

Martens, B.K., Lambert, T.L. Sullivan, W.E., Magnuson, J.D., Morley, A.J., Salade, S.J., & Baxter, E.L. (2016). Choice in transition: Replication and extension to preschool children in a naturalistic setting. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 105, 307-321.

Martens, B.K., Gertz, L.E., Werder, C.S., Rymanowski, J.L., & Shankar, K.H. (2014). Measures of association in contingency space analysis. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 59, 114-119.

Panahon, C.J., & Martens, B.K. (2013). A comparison of noncontingent plus contingent reinforcement to contingent reinforcement alone on students’ academic performance. Journal of Behavioral Education, 22, 37-49.

Martens, B.K., Werder, C.S., Hier, B.O., & Koenig, E.A. (2013). Fluency training in phoneme blending: A preliminary study of generalized effects. Journal of Behavioral Education, 22, 16-36.

Reed, D.R., & Martens, B.K. (2011). Temporal discounting predicts student responsiveness to exchange delays in a classroom token system. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 44, 1-18.

Martens, B.K., Gertz, L.E., Werder, C.S., & Rymanowski, J.L. (2010). Agreement between descriptive and experimental analyses of behavior under naturalistic test conditions. Journal of Behavioral Education, 19, 205-221.

Silber, J.M, & Martens, B.K. (2010). Programming for the generalization of oral reading fluency: Repeated readings of entire text versus multiple exemplars. Journal of Behavioral Education, 19, 30-46.

Reed, D.D., & Martens, B.K. (2008). Sensitivity and bias under conditions of equal and unequal academic task difficulty. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41, 39-52.

Martens, B.K., DiGennaro, F.D., Reed, D.D., Szczech, F.M., & Rosenthal, B.D. (2008). Contingency space analysis: An alternative method for identifying contingent relations from observational data. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41, 69-81.

Martens, B.K., Eckert, T.L., Begeny, J.C., Lewandowski, L.J., DiGennaro, F., Montarello, S., Arbolino, L., Reed, D.D., & Fiese, B.H. (2007). Effects of a fluency-building program on the reading performance of low-achieving second and third grade students. Journal of Behavioral Education, 16, 39-54.