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June Whitehead

June Whitehead

June Whitehead

Instructor Emerita


215F Carnegie Library

June Whitehead earned her BS in 1946 and MS in 1947 at the University of Illinois, and she joined SU as an instructor in 1960 after raising a family. She was the coauthor with others of the third edition of the self-paced study guide for Math 295 and 296, the supplement, the Student Handbook, the basic algebra and trigonometry study guides and the Mathematics placement examination. She had released time for course development, sponsored by the Mellon Fund through Arts and Sciences in spring 1979, fall 1979 and spring 1980.

In the Department she served on the Undergraduate Committee for 3 years, and in the College she was a member of the Health Professions Advisory Committee 1976-1986 and of the Dean's "Blue Ribbon" Committee 1979-1981. In the University she served on Project Advance 1975-1980 and on the Search Committee for Evaluator at Center for Instructional Development in spring 1980. She retired in 1987.

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