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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Jerry Goodisman

Goodisman portrait

Professor Emeritus


Research Interests

Physical chemistry, mechanism of action of anticancer drugs, chemical kinetics, agglomeration kinetics


  • A.B., 1959, Columbia College
  • Ph.D., 1963, Harvard University


  • CHE 346: Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 356: Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 436/636: Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 656: Chemical Thermodynamics
  • CHE 666: Statistical Mechanics

Research Focus

Since I am a theoretical chemist, most of my research in recent years has been in collaboration with experimental colleagues. Two recent interests are the delivery of anticancer drugs using gold nanoparticles (with Prof. Dabrowiak), and the agglomeration process, by which a collection of monomers forms higher n-mers (with Prof. Chaiken).

Gold nanoparticles are promising as drug delivery vehicles since they are nontoxic, can be ingested by cells, and loadable with drugs and substances to make them attractive to cancer cells. The size of such particles, an important consideration, is usually measured by removing a few hundred particles from the suspension medium to a grid for TEM imaging and measurement. Problems: one is not measuring them in situ, and there are statistical errors. We have shown that a detailed size histogram can be obtained for the particles in situ by monitoring their sedimentation using a simple absorption spectrometer, if absorption is measured at several wave lengths. Differences between the suspended particles and those in the TEM become apparent.

Agglomeration may be described by the Smoluchowski equations, which assume only 2nd-order reactions of m-mer and n-mer to form an (m+n)-mer. Starting from monomers only, one can preeict the asymptotic (long-time) size distribution. To apply the equations to agglomeration in a nozzle-beam expansion, for which detailed experimental results are available, we had to modify them because the temperature and the volume occupied by the particles are time-dependent. From the modified equations, we made predictions about the size distributions as a function of time, and the predictions agreed with measured results for H2 agglomeration.

Selected Publications

J. Chaiken, J. Goodisman, and O. Kornilov, Applying the Smoluchowski equations to agglomeration in conditions of variable temperature and pressure: nozzle beam expansions, submitted (2014).

J. Chaiken,J. Goodisman, O. Kornilov and J. P. Toennies, Application of Scaling and Kinetic Equations to Neutral Para-Hydrogen Cluster Size Distributions, submitted (2014).

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Y. Shi, S-A Liu, D. J. Kerwood, J. Goodisman, and J. C. Dabrowiak, Pt(IV) complexes as prodrugs for cisplatin, J. Inorganic Biochem. 107(1), 6-14 (2012).

A. J. DiPasqua, J. Goodisman, and J. C. Dabrowiak. Understanding how the platinum anticancer drug carboplatin works: From the bottle to the cell, Inorganica Chimica Acta, 389, 29-35 (2012).

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